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Mark Moss is an American entrepreneur, investor, founder, and YouTuber. He also bills himself as a predictive futurist, freedom maximalist, and sound money advocate. Pretty abstract terms, I might say. Anyways, he’s well-known for his podcast program, The Mark Moss Show, where he discusses topics about crypto, Bitcoin, and how to take advantage of this technology revolution to make a lot of money. He also has a Market Disruptors Live event to help you build, grow, and protect your wealth and freedom. As an investor, his basic strategy is that whenever he sees new technology as a potentially profitable investment, no matter how new it is, he’ll definitely capitalize on it.

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As an investor, Mark’s achievements aren’t something to be trifled with. He claims that he has founded a total of seven companies, and all of these companies have grown to earn around seven figures during their first year. He also claims that these startup companies have also been included in the prestigious Fortune 500 list. He also has a diverse investment portfolio. aside from stocks and cryptocurrency, which includes other private companies, gold mines, oil fields, and other breakthrough technologies (blockchain is the best example).

He’s also quite active in real estate investing. In fact, it was in real estate on where his entire investing career started. In 1995, he was buying foreclosed real estate properties from banks after the so-called “89-92 crash”. Soon afterward, he began to invest in internet stocks, and in 2001, he has started his first online business, despite the Dot-com crash. But it was in cryptocurrency where he found great success during his investing career.

As he has claimed, Mark Moss’ secret to success in investing is that he’s basically quite adventurous. Whenever he spots a new and profitable trend, he wastes no time putting his money into it for investment. However, he’s not necessarily going in blind. During the early days of his investing career, he lost almost all his money due to the 2008 financial crash. Due to this, he also relies on his own experience in order to determine when to be bold and when to be conservative in investing.

Regarding the status of the financial world ten years starting from now, Mark has been pretty positive about it. Thanks to the crypto-trend, the world is slowly but surely rejecting centralization right now. But some negative things are going to happen first. Money printing is outta control. All three events are converging at once. For the next couple of years, things’ll probably get worse before they get better. More money printing, more interest rate manipulation, more centralization, more pressure and squeezing from the governments. It’s their last-ditch effort to try and hang on because their days are numbered.

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And from there, Mark believes things may get better. “And then, by the end of the decade, I think we’ll see the end of the giant nation-state. Things are gonna be much freer, much more open. And I think there’s massive hope and prosperity for our kids. I’m a huge bull on that. I think we’ll see the biggest boom that we’ve ever seen since the 1500s. But in the short term? The United States is stuck between a rock and a hard place, aren’t they?”

And then I think by 2025, things break,” Mark continues. “The more they squeeze, the more people push back. It’s like they’re doing the marketing for us. They’re proving Bitcoin’s use case. They’re putting it on the map. The more they censor, the more trust they lose. The more they try to squeeze the more entrepreneurs fire back and try to find ways around it. And so, all they’re doing is speeding up the inevitable. If they would just roll back to the way things were two years ago, everything would settle down. But they can’t at this point.”

“And so once I can become self-sovereign with my money, then I’ve got options. And as we all start to exit the existing financial system, they don’t really have as much control over us anymore. And so I think this really climaxes by 2025. That’s when things really start to turn for the better. And then by 2030, I think we’ll send the end of the giant nation-state, and much more freedom that way. And throughout all that I think we’ll see the greatest boom of prosperity we’ve ever seen.”

Mark Moss says he’s willing to work with those interested in learning to land higher profits than “traditional investing” usually yields. It doesn’t matter if they are seasoned investors or are just starting out, he’s willing to work for them. The benefits of working with him? His experience and boldness in spotting new profitable trends, more often before they become quite hot. He’s also featured in various online publications, including Forbes, USA Today, Finance Magnets, and many others. If you’re interested, you can join his Market Disruptors live events. There’s no information on how much his coaching will cost you, but expect it to be somewhat on the “very expensive” side.

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