The Multifamily Mindset Review (Tyler Deveraux)

Tyler Deveraux

Tyler Deveraux promises real estate investors, beginner or veteran alike, that they can reach their full potential as a closer of multifamily property deals by joining his The Multifamily Mindset program. Tyler assures that his program will provide you the right system, capital, and connections needed for pulling off such deals. For Tyler, joining is the right step to “thinking bigger” and achieving a rich fulfilling life. Interested in the said business? Read this review first to learn whether Tyler’s program is worth it.

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The Multifamily Mindset is an online training program that provides mentorship on multifamily real estate investment. Multifamily properties are defined to be a structure with more than one rentable space or multiple buildings in a single space like apartment complex and condominiums. The program was founded by Tyler Deveraux, a real estate investor for over 14 years and the managing partner of a multifamily investment firm called MF Capital Partners.

The process of joining The Multifamily Mindset starts by attending a free live event. The said event requires on-site attendance and is usually done in places within US such as Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Here, you will be pitched to a three-day mastermind event that will explain the basics of getting started with multifamily investment and the need for their mentorship. The said event costs around $997 and a requirement before you can join the mentorship offer of the program.

The mentorship is not only meant for training and education regarding multifamily properties but also actual partnership with Tyler and his team in closing the deals. Specifically, Tyler or one of the mentors of the program will act as your sponsor to secure loans on your behalf from money partners. They provide this service to ensure the approval of the loan that you will likely need for expensive multifamily investments. According to Tyler, this allows you to fast track your investment without the need of having huge sum of capital out of your pocket.

The downside of this is you do not fully own the properties you are investing in. 70% of the revenue will go to the money partners, 5% on the sponsors, and the remaining 25% on you. Still, Tyler claims that you can average around thousand dollars a month with the said cut. The mentorship that makes this setup possible costs around $35,000-$40,000.

To be honest, I am already wary of how expensive this program is before even mentioning the mentorship fee. This is because I already find the cost of three-day mastermind event too expensive. Why pay almost a grand for what is basically a sales pitch of the mentorship? There are programs like Jemal King’s Make Real Estate Real that already provides a comprehensive course of over 70 video lectures for the same price. The mentorship cost is just ridiculous.

There are also concerns with Tyler not delivering his promise of being a sponsor on your deals or at least, agreeing to leverage their credibility and experience. To be fair, Tyler defended himself and his team by saying that they can disagree to sponsor a deal and can be “very selective with the deals we pursue and who we pursue them with.”

If you expect to be helped all the time in deals you think are good, then it is better to skip this program since you will only be helped if Tyler (and not you) thinks that the deal is good. You are better off hiring a good real estate broker who specializes in those assets than use the service of Tyler’s, both will judge your net worth anyway, but the former is explicit with its requirement at least.

The Multifamily Mindset Review

Also, these brokers are not notorious on backing up on a deal unlike Tyler. “…Another student reached out to us and told us that Ryan and Tyler had agreed to sponsor them 4 different times and backed out of each one causing the students to lose earnest money,” one of the reviewers mentioned.

Ultimately, there are complaints on the program promising an unrealistic claim (aka selling the dream without the means to back it up) on a high-pressure sales presentation. This is likely adopted from Dave Lindahl’s RE Mentor which is presented by Tyler before. Similar format and costs too but this connection is not ideal since RE Mentor is reviewed negatively with several complaints on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Tyler Deveraux and his Multifamily Mindset is not a scam. In fact, Tyler is widely praised for being a good speaker and salesman. However, I do not recommend his program because of its ridiculous cost and the business model it offers being capital-intensive.

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