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Multiple Income Funnel Review

The marketing funnel is such an integral part of any kind of business, whether it be on ground or online. If you’ve ever bought any kind of product, you have probably experienced the journey that the marketing funnel maps out. People never realize it, but there’s always a path involved when you purchase something. It’s not really something you will notice if you don’t have an innate knowledge about marketing strategies. But the marketing funnel is always present whenever anyone purchases any kind of product.

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Now that we have the marketing terms explained, let’s get into the meat of things. Multiple Income Funnel is a program that was created by Mack Mills in 2020. Mack Mills is a multi-hyphenate of sorts. Based on his official biography, he’s a film producer, serial entrepreneur, investor and a top affiliate marketer. He doesn’t really have any educational attainment outside of a GED. But it doesn’t matter as much since he managed to create his own affiliate marketing program.

As the name suggests, there are multiple income streams that will help you earn money. None of the income streams that they feature Multiple Income Funnel aren’t really anything new. All of them have existed in some and has been used a lot by different affiliate marketing programs. But what Mack essentially did was consolidate all of the different ways that you can earn money into a simple program. This kind of idea may or may not have been done before. But it’s good that there are people who see the advantage of having multiple ways to earn money.

Most of the income streams that Multiple Income Funnel provide relies on something called lead generation. Leads are basically people who could potentially become customers. Lead generation is the process of simulating interest in those people to a certain product or service so that they could become customers. Lead generation marketing is a fairly common way of potentially earning money. Programs like Twopagesites or BAM University also focus on lead generation. But they’re more focused on using those leads in order to sell them to local businesses.

The cost of becoming a member of Multiple Income Funnel is a monthly fee worth $97. Most of the capture pages that I have seen from Multiple Income Funnel have that fee slashed to $49. The price is relatively cheap compared to Twopagesites or BAM University. Neither of them actually are upfront with their pricing. So this is definitely a positive aspect of Multiple Income Funnel. Once you pay the monthly fee, you will receive log-in details for the Multiple Income Funnel back office.

Once you’ve gotten access to their website, you will then have to go through a four-step procedure. The first step pretty much requires you to watch a video from Mack explaining how the whole system works. Pretty standard stuff for anyone who doesn’t really know how exactly to go about it. The second second is setting up all four of the income streams. You will have to sign up for an account to the three other income streams because only the first income stream is owned by Mack. There is some additional costs to those other income streams so be wary of that.

The first two income streams are basically landing pages. You can choose what the page would look like. But the content for the page is similar through all of them. The landing page for the income stream from Multiple Income Funnel is about the program that Multiple Income Funnel provides. All you really have to do is to share the the link that’s generated for you. If people get interested by the copy that’s on the landing page, Multiple Income Funnel handles the sale for you. Once it pushes through, you will get a commission for every single sale made through your link. It’s pretty much affiliate marketing 101.

For the most part, it seems that the income opportunity that Multiple Income Funnel provides is legit. The main problem with it is that you are competing with a lot of people with clicks and sales. If everybody is using the same template and the same services. The pool of potential leads gets smaller over time. In order for you to consistently earn money through those income streams, you do have to put in some of the work. Even though most of the work in selling the product is done by somebody else, you still have to market the links that you have.

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