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Ben Muresan

Ben Muresan shared how he doesn’t want to be a CEO while being the CEO himself of THE Humble CEO. Something is not clicking, but he has his explanation. “It’s not my gifting [sounds like grifting, dude is really giving spoilers about himself], my gift is to bring people together and work in the intangible areas that other people don’t want to work,” Ben exclaims proudly as if he’s making any sense at all.

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Somehow, the explanation above is about creating an inclusive and diverse work environment. The idea is good, don’t get me wrong, but why he has to word it like that. Like, what do you mean with “work in intangible areas”? Also, what’s up with the smugness?

Oh right, it’s because this white dude thought working with three black dudes is a brand new concept. Y’know, something that deserves a medal and pat in the back. Really, in the year 2023? What in the white savior typa sh*t is this?

“Building bridges and fostering a sense of belonging, regardless of race or background” is cool and all, but let’s not pretend that someone needs to have a “unique gift” to do it. Idk, just don’t be a bigot, maybe? Isn’t extending basic human decency the bare f*cking minimum? Tell me, am I missing something?

Whatever, I shouldn’t be surprised hearing allat from someone whose stage name is “Ben Humble”. Pretentious much? And yeah, not only is he a grifter, er, real estate guru, he’s also a singer-rapper. He just released a new single, y’all.

But we don’t need to talk about that. He told it himself in his song, “just stop the noise!” The important bit is about how he does his real estate stuff and why I keep on hinting that he’s one nasty grifter.

To provide you with some context, he’s the co-founder of an Ontario-based real estate education company named CashFlow Tribe. All the real estate investing courses he offers, it’s under this company. The Humble CEO I mentioned earlier is more about his overall brand.

So, what’s with CashFlow Tribe? From the get-go, it seems… tame. As a company, they believe that you need more than info to succeed at real estate investing. Hence, the four core values of community, results, impact, and transparency.

Without community, they say you’ll struggle to put in work. But fret not ‘cause CashFlow Tribe got a good one that’ll support you no matter what [or so they say]. “The community we built is full of like-minded individuals that are either at the same stage as you or have been where you are everyone works together so we can grow together – financially, personally and professionally.”

Blah blah blah, seems like someone’s trying to hit the essay word requirement. And it’s weird ‘cause nobody’s counting. Nobody! But then, with results, they say that it just… matter, period. No explanation, whatsoever.

Moving on, impact here pertains to real estate being more than just about money. Finally, transparency means getting assurance that you’ll learn from mentors who are also legit real estate investors. Oh word?

Ben Muresan Reviews

With the initial CashFlow+ Monthly membership offer at $29 a month before tax, the company promise to provide access to a full on-demand real estate course library [with topics about wholesaling, building a side hustle, developing a growth mindset, and more], training invites, networking sessions, and real estate investing tools like forms and calculators. Pretty cheap, no?

While the offer above seems reasonable, the upsells that would follow are not. I’ve seen comments and reviews mentioning how he has other courses, some kind of mentorship perhaps, that could cost you up to $60k. Sixty friccin K!

Even on a post dragging Investor Mel & Dave for lying about using other people’s money (OPM) to steal people’s money, Ben is somehow worse. This is according to a person who’s tired of Ben’s round-the-clock posting of motivational quotes, and telling false promises that you’ll easily get ROI on your $60k within six months aka textbook grift. And you know what, I feel the same.

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