Musician On A Mission Review (Rob Mayzes)

Rob Mayzes

Rob Mayzes’ disappointing experience as an audio engineering student has led him to create Musician On A Mission (MOAM) program. According to him, his program is one of the better ways to learn music production that will enable its students to start a full-time music career regardless of experience. Their ultimate promise is enabling musicians to work on their passions while earning a steady and sizable income as a professional. Can he and his MOAM team deliver the said promise? Read this full review to know the answer.

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MOAM is an educational program that offers courses covering topics relevant to music production. For beginners, they have a flagship course called Hybrid Musician which teaches the basics of making professional quality music and building a fanbase. They also have specialized courses called Masterclass that provides more advanced lessons on a specific music field such as singing, song writing, and audio mixing. It was founded by Rob Mayzes in September 2015.

The pitch is basically Rob discouraging binging on free YouTube Videos and working alone to become a professional musician. This approach, according to him, is inefficient and time-consuming. He then introduced his program as the better approach that can “turn people into producers in the shortest time possible.” They do that by providing three things: a blueprint that is a step-by-step course tailored to your genre, a feedback system so professional can critique your music and give pointers for improvement, and guidance from a panel of experts that will enable you to scale your music career into a profitable one.

To be fair, MOAM had positive reviews regarding their free content on their YouTube channel. One great example is from a forum thread posted by a music producer who switched from Reason to Logic Pro software. He said that MOAM content regarding software tools in music production is “way too good to be free.” The same positive reviews can also be seen on MOAM’s Trustpilot page. MOAM also have reputable mentors in their lineup such as Grammy-winning engineer Blake La Grange.

Musician On A Mission Review

Unfortunately, the bad reviews stand out more than the positive ones. First, the way MOAM offer their trainings (aka marketing strategy) is very off-putting. For instance, they use a scarcity tactic to market their course as time-limited; that you need to act right now and avail the course immediately without thinking your decisions through. Other critical information such as pricing and their income methods (such as Hybrid Income Generation and New Age Marketing where they promise $2,000 to $3,000 income a month) are also not available on their site readily. Even at a breakthrough session where they introduce the pricing and methods to you, they are never transparent up front and will use the lines “we do not want students who focus on the price” to lull you to a lengthier sales talk. They do this for a reason since the course is very expensive. Their flagship course, for example, costs around $4800 without money back guarantees.

Their promise of generating steady income through music regardless of experience is very far from the truth. A news article claims that the music industry is one of the last sectors to recover from the pandemic, with 83% of professional musicians unable to find work. Even after the restrictions on live events were lifted, survey also shows that one in three musicians is still earning nothing. Take note that these people struggling to find work are experienced professionals and a beginner with only MOAM as their credentials is likely to experience the same unfortunate fate.

To summarize, MOAM is more likely to not deliver its promise of providing steady income through music production. Not completely their fault since the music industry has been tremendously affected by the pandemic and not in a good way. However, it is advisable to always proceed with caution when dealing with programs like MOAM that has a very questionable marketing strategy. With the ridiculous price of their course and them being the opposite of transparent with regards to it, it is better to steer away from such programs. If you are also just looking for a way to earn steady income and not particularly interested in music production, there are better business models you can take into consideration that is truly beginner-friendly and pandemic-proof.

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