My Lead Gen Secret Review

Lead generation is such a big deal when it comes to online business. In case you weren’t aware of that before, it basically refers to a process where you get people interested in a certain product or service. Leads are what they call people who could be converted to a potential customer for a business. Often times, lead generation goes hand in hand with something called a marketing funnel which most businesses use in some form of another. Leads are your best bet of getting new customers, but the process of finding leads is a painstaking process.

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My Lead Gen Secret is an lead generation program that was created by longtime marketer Jim Harmon. There isn’t much to be know about Jim Harmon or his previous experience in marketing. On the website for My Lead Gen Secret, he mentions that he was one of the few people who had the privilege of using Google’s AdWords platform during its early days. He isn’t one of the more current types of online marketing experts who flaunt their wealth to other just to show that the thing they’re doing makes them money.

Jim basically goes through exactly how My Lead Gen Secret operates in the video that’s at the top of the website and on transcript below it. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, this whole income earning opportunity that he’s offering to you uses leads and the marketing funnel to your benefit. The only way you can really earn money through My Lead Gen Secret is by nudging those leads to make a purchase.

A lot of different programs have used this method. Programs like Twopagesites or Multiple Income Funnel use some of the same techniques as My Lead Gen Secret. All of them use the same concepts and techniques. The main difference is execution. For the former programs, you have to get the leads come to you and they will handle the rest. But with My Lead Gen Secret, the leads are given to you but you will be the one to follow up with them.

The cost of joining My Lead Gen Secret is an initial fee worth $60 for the first month and $30 dollars for the succeeding months. Once you pay them the fee, you are given login credentials to the program’s back office. It’s basically the base of the entire operation. Everything that you is made through that back office. It’s pretty standard for lead generation programs to have some kind of interface for setting up everything.

You are given at least 100 leads per day. Not all of those leads will actually become customers. That’s what the marketing funnel is force. You get less and less people the more it goes through each level of the funnel. 100 leads will probably give a single-digit amount of actual customers. For the entire month, you may get at least 28 actual customers who will buy the product you’re selling. If you actually manage to refer one person to join My Lead Gen Secret through your affiliate link, you get a bonus of 100 leads. You basically have twice as many chances to get customers per succeeding day. The more people you get to refer, the more leads you get per day.

The way you contact leads on My Lead Gen Secret is through e-mail. The platform gives you a number of templates written by the people who work at My Lead Gen Secret. Each e-mail that you sent will have metrics attached to them that you can view from the back office. You can see how many viewed the e-mail, how many people actually clicked on the e-mail and how many actually purchased whatever the product is.

It seems that there are some actual proof of people earning money through commissions on My Lead Gen Secrets. When the funnel works, it works. But as with most things, you do have to put some effort into actually getting people to buy something through your e-mail or referral links. The tools and expertise are being shared with you, but you will need to actually use them. You wouldn’t really get that far if you don’t put in the work. As much as we want to earn money without lifting a finger, it doesn’t have the same satisfaction as earning something through hard work.

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