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Ed Mylett Net Worth

The one thing that I have learned while reviewing and researching about different personalities is that I don’t really know a lot of them. Excuse me for my ignorance, but they don’t often come across my radar. I often follow celebrities and people I know on social media. Sometimes, when I turn on autoplay on YouTube, I may come across a video of theirs by chance. Or their book, if they have one, will be on the shelves of a bookstore that I frequent. One of the personalities that were previously unknown to me was Ed Mylett, a best-selling author, entrepreneur, motivational coach and podcast host. Because of his success, he has managed to attain this kind of net worth.

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You can tell by Ed’s build stature that he grew up being an athletic kid. Even though his life during childhood wasn’t that due to the dysfunction of, as he puts it, an “alcoholic household,” he has found something worthwhile in playing baseball. In an interview he did with Forbes, he mentions that his whole mindset developed through practicing baseball. He wasn’t satisfied with just having finished their regular training sessions. He would often stay behind and practice by himself. Through that mindset, he managed to have an amateur career in baseball during his years in college.

Even though he didn’t get a chance to play major-league baseball, he put a lot of himself into his work. He worked at World Financial Group. He kept applying that mindset in that career which managed to earn him a spot on Forbes’s 50 Wealthiest Under 50 List. I tried searching for the list, but I can’t seem to find it.

Eventually, Ed shifted more towards becoming a motivational speaker. And it worked for him. He mentions in another interview that throughout his career working at World Financial Group, he managed to build a large client base. It was through the honing the skill of persuasion that helped him with that. Persuasion seems like an obvious skill to have, in retrospect. In 2008, he authored his first book called “Max Out Your Life.”

I’m never really been into motivational speakers. I get why people will want to pay money to hear someone tell them that you can be successful. Sometimes I feel like the key to success is managing to find the right vibes. But people are into that, apparently. Motivation speakers, like any entrepreneur, are selling you a product. The product in this case is the experience of listening to them about they became successful and all that. Sometimes it’s a book. Or even merch. It’s no wonder that Ed Mylett has a net worth of roughly $50,000,000. For the release of his most recent book, he held a conference featuring other successful people including Maria Forleo.

Unsurprisingly, Ed Mylett also has a podcast now. I feel like everyone has their own podcast. All you really need for a podcast is a mic and a computer. In his podcast, he talks to different personalities across different industries including sports, entertainment, and business. Some of the people he’s had on his show I am vaguely aware of.

There really is not much else to Ed Mylett that is worth talking about. Since he’s had success as a motivational coach, author and podcast host, he has managed a great life for himself. He owns a property with a view of the ocean. In some of the trailers for his YouTube channel, you can see him driving a speed boat, riding a private jet, getting tens of thousands of people attending his events. You know, successful people things. I think that’s part of why people tend to be interested in them. They have something to show in terms of their success.

Looking at the comments on some of his YouTube videos, people do find something useful from the interviews that he has with other people. People want to find success. And if they see somebody successful giving away the things they did to reach where they are now, they will be more interested in listening to them more. There is always going to be an audience for these kinds of personalities. It may not be for everybody. And that’s fine.

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