Rhett & Link Net Worth

You never really would have expected that two friends from North Carolina would somehow build an entire media company just by talking to a camera. A lot of shows that we grew up with would sometimes involve talking straight to camera. It meant that they are talking directly to you. It forms a connection between the host and the people who are watching, even though they are separated by a screen. But you never would have known that it would grow into something more than just you.

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Depending on the kind of content that you watch on YouTube, you may or may not be familiar with the show Good Mythical Morning. The thumbnails, as most thumbnails on the platform usually are, often feature a guy with exaggerated look on their face. Sometimes the rest of the thumbnails would feature something like a burger with an arrow pointing to it that says, “Sushi.” You may curious enough to click on thumbnail. And that’s where it starts.

You are then welcomed by two guys sitting next to each other in front of a desk with a microphone in the middle of it. The rest of the set looks like a lodge featuring a bunch of knick-knacks and vintage looking shelves and cabinets. One of the two guys reads off from the prompter, often asking a question. The other guy will say “Let’s talk about that” and the intro begins to play. It has been like this since the start and it often involves the same two people Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.

The story begins in Buies Creek, North Carolina. Two kids meet each other in the first day of elementary school. This seems like everyone’s experience meeting their friends. I guess especially if you live in Buies Creek. But it’s sort of how most friendships start. You meet them on the first day of school and you kind of feel like this is the person I am going to hang out with a lot. Sometimes the friends we make that early on in our life will drift away but not so much in the case of Rhett and Link.

They’ve basically been inseparable ever since that day in first grade. Both of them graduated with engineering degrees from North Carolina State University. And during those college years, they would often record videos of themselves doing comedy bits. While they did work a corporate job shortly after graduating, their penchant for doing videos was still alive and well. And it often happened during the time at church.

They eventually quit their jobs as engineers and continued doing videos and sketches for their church. Eventually, they just started doing videos for themselves that they would upload to YouTube. That basically lead them to the career that they are in right now. Somehow those videos lead them to get a series picked up at IFC called Commercial Kings. The premise of that show is that they would find small businesses and make commercials for them for free. Some of the commercials that they made became popular.

While that was all happening, Rhett and Link made a second channel where they hosted Good Morning Chia Lincoln. Basically, they would host an episode talking about anything under the sun while waiting for the hairs of a Chia Lincoln to grow. They managed to do 40 episodes of GMCL before half of Chia Pet died. The format was the basically the start of what would be Good Mythical Morning.

In January 9, 2012, Rhett and Link launched Good Mythical Morning. Like any new format, it takes a while for it to get views. But eventually the show grew and grew that lead to YouTube offering them money to produce a show called The Mythical Show. But unfortunately, it lasted a few episodes. Rhett and Link kept the same crew that did The Mythical Show and went back to doing GMM. And the rest is history.

Throughout the ten-plus years that GMM has been on, Rhett and Link were able to have a their own scripted series called Buddy System for YouTube’s subscription service YouTube Red. That series lasted two seasons. As Mythical Entertainment grew, they were also able to acquire Smosh, a sketch comedy channel, after its previous owner filed for bankruptcy. Aside from Smosh, they also have another channel called the Mythical Kitchen that does cooking videos. At the point of writing Rhett and Link have a combined net worth of $25,000,000.

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