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Josh Scherer Net Worth

People love to watch cooking videos online. There’s something really practical about watching other people cook different recipes. Sometimes you need to find other ways of preparing a dish using the same ingredients. And because cooking videos are still fairly popular on YouTube, there have been so many different people trying to find their own niche when it comes to the genre. But the thing that gets people to keep watching videos about cooking food other than the actual cooking is the people who do the cooking.

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Now, if you’ve ever watched an episode of Good Mythical Morning, you probably have watched Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal eat a bunch of crazy stuff. Sometimes it’s bull testicles. Other times, it’s straight up pork blood. But as the show has progressed over time, there have been episodes that featured dishes that looked straight up delicious. That’s all thanks to Josh Scherer and the rest of the Mythical Kitchen team.

There isn’t really much to be known about Josh Scherer’s personal life. He was born and raised in California to a father who is American and a mother who is South African. He has a brother named Jon who works a job at a wine distribution company. He played hammer throw when he was studying at UCLA. He then went on to become a food writer a Los Angeles Magazine and a bunch of other publications. He also written a cookbook called Culinary Brodown.

Josh joined Mythical in 2017 as one of their culinary producers. He was tasked of cooking the dishes needed for a particular episode, often in Will It? where they try to use a certain product or dish into another type of dish or in the International Dart Game where Rhett and Link have to guess which country a certain dish is from. As with a lot of other employees at Mythical, Rhett and Link would often have them as guests during the GMM aftershow called Good Mythical More. Josh would often be part of the Mores that came after a food-heavy episode. If you have ever seen a video that featured Josh, you would know that he has a encyclopedic memory of a lot of different dishes in different cultures.

It was during the era when Good Mythical Morning expanded into a longer format that one of the now-recurring Mythical Kitchen series Fancy Fast Food came to be. There wasn’t really any game that Rhett and Link played on Fancy Fast Food. It was just Josh recreating a famous fast food item, like McDonald’s Big Mac, using really expensive ingredients. That segment sort of planted the seed that would become Mythical Kitchen.

In 2019, Rhett and Link announced that they were planning to start a new channel called Mythical Kitchen. But prior to the launch of the show, they had a schedule where they would upload three different shows every week. Mondays to Fridays were GMM and GMMore, Saturdays were for Let’s Talk About That, a talk show hosted by GMM executive producer Stevie Wynne Levine, and Sundays were for Mythical Kitchen. There were a lot of different formats that Josh and the Mythical Kitchen did, including Food Fears, Food Feats and Future Fast Food.

In 2020, Mythical formally launched the Mythical Kitchen. Along with the new channel were new members of the team including Nicole Hendizadeh and Trevor Evarts. Most of the formats they did in 2019 rolled over to the new channel. They also did videos where they go through recipes they did for Good Mythical Morning like a sweet Nashville hot chicken sandwich and In N’ Out mac and cheese.

The channel had already recorded episodes before the pandemic hit in March 2020. Along with the regular uploads and formats they did, they also introduced Cook Food Good where Josh and the rest of the kitcheneers teach the audience how they cook certain dishes. As he mentions in a lot of videos and social media, nobody really watched those videos despite how many want them to do more of it.

Due to the success of the channel, they were able to do a lot more formats including Meals of History where Josh and writer Emily Fleming recreate dishes from specific moments in history. They were also able to have more members in the team including Vianai Austin and Lily Cousins. It is estimated that Josh has a net worth of $100,000.

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