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Affiliate Nation Review (Dylan Alarie)

Dylan Alarie

Affiliate Nation calls themselves a plug-and-play system where everyone, even your grandma, can get started within hours. Their vision in mind is to make digital entrepreneurship accessible for the average person. “Don’t let a lack of skill hold you back,” they say. “Don’t let lack of info hold us back, then” would be my retort. Like, where’s the indication of an affiliate offer after the name? Let’s dig deeper in Dylan Alarie’s offer to know more, shall we?

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You can visit their program’s site to see for yourself. They’re throwing buzz words here and there,  terms like DFY and online business with a twist, instead of being straight to the point. Aka the point that they’re offering a high ticket affiliate marketing opportunity. “The world’s ready for you digital business” my ass.

Anyway, finding more info about this shady af biz means giving ‘em your contact deets. But before you give it and proceed to the “show me how” page, you’ll get a video from Dylan himself. According to him, their high ticket sales is your easy way to $10k a month. And if your commission is $2,500 per sales, you only need 4 sales a month to hit the said five-figure income. Yeah… right. Easier said than done, Dylan.

He also mentioned that they’ve started a partnership program, aka the affiliate offer, that’ll allow you to “tap into our million dollar business and leverage it for yourself.” No need to worry about practically everything, he says…  except paying ‘em thousands of mullahs to join, of course. 

They’ll set up the ads for you, they’ll give a funnel that is all automated and turn key, and their salesperson will close the deals on your behalf. Sounds like they can do it by themselves if the claims are true… it’s not, obviously, so they’ll happily squeeze some membership money out of your pockets, I guess.

Moving on to the “show me how” page, the vision of the biz is once again explained.  According to Dylan who’s doing all the talking again, they saw a huge gap in the market causing 90% of online entrepreneurs to fail. Fret not as they came up with a solution, he says, that eliminates “99% of the headaches, stress, and roadblocks faced.” And the list of talking nonsense goes on and on until he ends up redirecting you to call ‘em for more info. Guy is playing hide and seek, but with info regarding their pricey affiliate offer (around $5k to start , probably). Not even dropping a hint on the actual biz you’ll be promoting once you get to the other side (please don’t).

Affiliate Nation Review

The said biz? It’s a travel membership program called Unify Travel Club. Funny how Dylan set it up as a program that people are willing to throw their cash into (no, it’s not). Excuse me Dylan, are you locked in your basement for so long? Haven’t heard about the ‘rona and how it f*cks up the travel industry? Tbh, I shouldn’t be asking him this as he sounds like a guy who’ll gaslight me by thinking I was living in a simulation and COVID-19 didn’t exist at all. Just to make a sale, he’ll stretch the reality, ISTG.

With or without ‘rona, it’s not advisable to get into programs like Unify Travel Club. Most of them are scummy, and you’ll end up with thousands of dollars less without even getting to travel at all. And also, why pay thousands when you can find discounts all by yourself? In relation to the Affiliate Nation offer, are you willing to sell this crap for the sake of making money from commissions? I hope not. Besides, I don’t think it’ll sell well, anyway.

Obviously, I won’t recommend Affiliate Nation. From the barren site to lots of too good to be true claims, I’ll never throw any money, not a single cent, towards them. Neither should you. The lack of verifiable success despite starting the biz years ago is also concerning. And no, I don’t count some random pics with an oversized replica of a cash check as proof. Just look at their Trustpilot page, one of the seven ratings is from Dylan Alarie himself. What in the sucking your own d*ck is that?

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