Nature’s Sunshine Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Herbs are well-known for providing different types of nutrients to our body when digested. Nature’s Sunshine took advantage of these herbs to make products that can be outsourced and used by the public. They’re now one of the most well-established and reputable companies in the health and wellness niche and are still in business for 5 decades to date this year. Let’s look at what they’ve done to achieve such a feat.

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Nature’s Sunshine was founded by the husband and wife Gene and Kristine Hughes back in 1972. Back in the day, Gene was selling encapsulated cayenne and other herbs and supplements to health food stores but then they realized that they wanted to help more customers to live a better lifestyle. They then saw an opportunity to how they will do it, and that’s by direct marketing. 

They tried to experiment on different herbs and by achieving such improvement and great results from said experiments, the company strives and made a name for their own, especially in Canada. Their products became popular to the crowd across the world, thus becoming a breakthrough point to where they are now as a company and is now being led by Terrence Moorehead.

They now have over 475 unique formulas with the right mixture of herbs and nutrients to maximize its effect and safety for the user and they also have over 600 different products being sold worldwide. Such categories include, core health improvement, weight loss, energy inducer, essential oils, personal care products and many more. They have almost everything that a person can look at and buy regarding health and wellness.

They’re the first company that I’ve seen to have 2 different compensation plans to offer to their affiliates. They have the basic and the legacy compensation plans. The major difference between the two would be that if you applied for the legacy plan, you can have the opportunity to sponsor people and make a network of your own. And that will not only boost your income, but also your connections, which plays a major role in marketing.

Both compensation plans cost $40, which is up to you what you choose but the company recommends signing up for the legacy plan. And you have nothing to lose (other than money and time if mlm is not for you), instead there are more perks in the legacy plan than the basic one (well, based on the naming, it is not that hard to distinguish which is better) if they both have the same costs.

Other than the joining fee, they will offer you seminars, workshops, online training and more.  These all are mandatory, but it can help boost your knowledge on what their products are for and these will aid you in many ways in the long run. It’s either you’re confident in your marketing plan or not, and you have extra time and money to attend such activities, it’s up to you.

Earning in an MLM company is basically either you retail their products to the public or you recruit people into the company. Their compensation plans offer different percentages in commission. The basic plan offers 12% commission on every product sold and you can also earn extra 1-10% commissions from your level 1 to 5 downline. The legacy then offers you 10% commission on products sold and 5-10% extra commissions from your level 1 to 7 downline.

They also have a smart start bonus. You will get a corresponding commission that ranges from 10% to 30% based on your current rank and level from the first order of your newly recruited member. There are a total of 11 ranks for Sunshine’s affiliates to achieve. They offer promotion bonus to outstanding affiliates that achieve the regional manager up to elite manager and will earn you $250 up to $1000. 

Most reviews from the consumers of their brand are satisfied. Other than the fact that it’s expensive, it still delivers what your money’s worth. But some of the workers aren’t happy with what is happening in the company. It appears that the CEO micromanages everyone in the company, hence it shows a lack of freedom and trust in a certain workplace. And the company also lacks transparency in terms of their annual income disclosure. We wouldn’t know if people really are earning in Nature’s Sunshine.

Nature’s Sunshine is not a scam. It is a legitimate company which is still in business for five decades and their products are unique – actual herbs (not powdered) encapsulated and sold to the public. But with the lack of income disclosure, we don’t know if there’s really an income with these kinds of companies. Their products aren’t cheap to casually sell and it is hard to convince and attract people to join in such a setup.

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