Dr. Darren Naugles Net Worth

Sometimes I have a lot fun writing these articles about different personalities. Even though I am usually unfamiliar with their work, it’s always interesting to see how they became a known quantity. Often times, their exposure through film or television or the internet is what made them known. The struggle that I often find with writing about these personalities is that not a lot of them have any available information about them online.

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Take Dr. Darren Naugles for example. Judging by his title, you may think that he’s a doctor who had his own syndicated television show. You know the ones. What’s weird about those kinds of shows is that I feel like they are bound to repeat some of their content. I mean, medicine does evolve. But I don’t think you can fill up a 42-minute runtime with brand new medical information. Especially if you have been hosting that kind of show for years now. There’s probably one study that they may focus on. But it’s only going to be a 7-minute segment. The struggle is trying to find a variety of medical topics to talk about.

Dr. Darren Naugles is a medical doctor. And he did appear on television. But it’s not on some syndicated television show. Weirdly enough, he was in a few episodes of reality series. Not the competition ones like The Bachelor. Just a regular old reality series you’d normally find on the E! network.

There have been a lot of these personalities that have come my way. From a then-pregnant mommy in Australia who joined a group of other then-pregnant mommies in Australia to the patriarch of a family who owns a salon in Long Island. You’d be amazed by how many different reality series can be made about a certain subset of people anywhere in the world. There’s always bound to be drama in their lives. That’s just the beauty of it. You can be recorded walking to the store one day, but when the episode airs, there’s fifteen minutes of footage of other people fighting behind you. The drama can come from anywhere.

Yeah, Dr. Darren Naugles appeared in a few episode of the E! reality series Married To Medicine. You would think that he would be a main part of the show, considering that he is a doctor. But it’s actually his partner Lisa Nicole Cloud who is part of the show’s main ensemble for a few seasons. I guess she’s the one “married to medicine”? But there isn’t really much else I could find about Dr. Darren Naugles outside of his profession. He practices emergency medicine in a local hospital in Georgia. His net worth is about $1,500,000.

The hardest thing about finding out about these people is there aren’t really much else to their lives that’s worth noting. He appeared in a bunch of episodes of a reality series with his wife. Obviously, there would be some drama that would unfold while the cameras are rolling. He apparently cheated on her with other women even though they already had children. It seems that they have managed to patched things up. I feel weird just knowing that your personal fights can be broadcast to millions of people. But that’s the price you pay, I guess?

It seems that they are both no longer appearing on the series. Although, since Dr. Naugles is still a practicing doctor, he has a job that he does. Sometimes that just happens. Once you no longer get to be on a television series like that, you basically live your lives normally now. The drama is still there, but there are no cameras to film it. Still, there are thousands of people who follow them on social media now.

That’s the thing about flame. It’s fleeting. One day, you’re on carpets for a bunch of events. The next, you’re just living your life before you got famous. Not everybody can sustain their fame into other ways. Unless you get a show of your own, you kind of have to live with the residual fame that you have. Some people have managed to create their own product lines. But not everybody has the clout to make those kinds of ventures work.

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