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Nav Net Worth

There are so many different artists in the music industry that I don’t know about. It mainly has to do with how I consume music. When I get into a certain song or artist, that’s all I want to listen to. That happens a lot more than you’d think. So I don’t really have that much time to listen to any other artist until I get tired of them. But even then, there aren’t a lot of other genres that I particular vibe with other than the ones I regularly listen to. I have got to admit that I don’t really listen that much to wrap. So that entire genre is basically uncharted territory to me.

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It seems like a lot people get into making music when they started listening to music at an early age. That can be said about Nav, or Navraj Singh Goraya. He grew up in an immigrant household in a neighborhood in Toronto. He was the youngest of three children. His parents worked hard at their jobs in order to provide for their family. His mom worked at a computer manufacturing factory while his dad operated a forklift in another factory.

It was during high school that he started to get into producing music. He saw a bunch of kids doing mash-ups of songs at school and Nav thought that he could do that as well. He got a lot of attention from doing that because a bunch of local rappers started to use the beats that he made. But he wasn’t really that into the local music scene that Toronto had at the time. Most of the stuff he listened were from famous rappers who started in New York. It was until fellow Canadians Drake and The Weeknd started getting popular that he got more into his own neighborhood’s sound.

In 2015, he got to co-produce Drake’s single “Back to Back.” A year after, a few songs of his were included in a radio show from Drake’s record label. He mostly released his songs through SoundCloud, including “Take Me Simple” and “Myself.” It was through the latter song that he offers to get signed on a label.

In 2016, he was featured in Travis Scott’s song “Beibs in the Trap.” He also had producing and songwriting credits for that song. That song appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 and was eventually certified two-times platinum. A year after, he released a song with The Weeknd called “Some Way” which was from his debut self-title mixtape.

There isn’t really much else other than music that’s contributing to Nav’s net worth. He doesn’t seem to have any other ventures that I can find. Still, he has managed to have an estimated net worth of $2,000,000. And that’s not bad for just a few years of being a producer and an artist. It’s very commendable that all his hard work and talent has lead him to this.

With so many different artists who start out in the industry in recent years, it’s sometimes hard become famous. Sometimes record labels will put a lot of money to promote you and your music. You’re getting asked to perform your songs on late night talk shows, do interviews with different platforms. There is a push to help an artist become more known to the public. Once they hear a song of yours through any of the platforms, maybe they’ll try to find your music on the streaming platforms. Slowly but surely you will get people listening to your music.

Social media is probably one of the ways that artists can become known. Especially in the age where it seems like a lot artists are getting attention because a song of theirs gets used on a video on TikTok. Weirdly enough, TikTok has become a platform where a lot of artists who have been in the industry for a few years now have gotten renewed attention. And record labels seem to have taken notice of this. A lot of them are trying to push their artists to make a TikTok-friendly song, which is a somehow inorganic way of getting attention. Sometimes the songs will have a life of their own once they are released into the world. You don’t need to force them to use it.

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