Project Mastermind Review (Louis Navellier)

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Louis Navellier has a new YouTube advertisement circulating around, and he says that if you skip it, it’s going to be your biggest financial mistake. “A huge economic shift is about to take place. One that’ll make the rich even richer. While, at the same time, bankrupting countless others. Few people know any of this is about to happen.” From how he delivers his line, it’s clear that he’s tapping into your financial fear and worry in order to sell his product. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, and listen to what he has to say, with this Project Mastermind review.

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According to Louis, even those who are in the know (that is, people who are up-to-date with current financial events) don’t have a clue on what to do or how to prepare for this so-called upcoming “economic shakeup.” He notes this to be such a shame, because, if you’re on the right side of this shift, you’re virtually guaranteed to make a fortune. But if you’re on the wrong side, you could lose your job or your business. But it doesn’t have to be the case, because Louis claims that he knows a solution for this.

And he’s willing to tell everything he knows about this, in a presentation that he’s prepared for you. He says that every American can benefit from this presentation. And it doesn’t matter how little or how big your savings are currently, this can work. Even if it’s just $500 or five million dollars, it can still apply to anyone. But he says that you should not wait for even a second. He claims that the information he’s going to share is very controversial, and that at any moment, it could be taken down. Thus, he urges you to click on the ad and watch the video before it’s too late, and this is where Louis’ YouTube ad ends.

As you can see, the entire video ad is very good at tapping into the fear of most people, especially in regard to their financial security. It’s as if Louis Navellier is saying that if you don’t watch his video and listen to what he has to say, you’ll be left behind, and you’re going to regret that you did. Advertisements like this play too much on the feelings of the viewer, and is a common tactic in marketing. But this one already irks me because it’s really too “salesy” for me. It’s like he’s saying you’re free to ignore him, but there’ll be consequences, and it might even leave an unpleasant feeling, which is exactly their aim. But curiosity made me click on the ad, so let’s see what Louis’ pitch is.

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So what clicking on Louis Navellier’s YouTube ad does is that it’s taking us to a website named InvestorPlace. And on the website is a rather long video where a certain host will ask Louis several questions concerning finances, stocks, etc. And you can tell from how he delivers his answers that it’s scripted. But the so-called interview just builds you up so that, at the end of it all, Louis Navellier will reveal his actual offer, the Project Mastermind. According to the tagline for Project Mastermind, “It’s a retirement game-changer that promises to deliver $50,000 in payout opportunities over the next 12 months by finding stocks poised to soar.”

It’s really hard to determine how Project Mastermind works without being too technical, but according to the sales page, it claims that it uses the predictive power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze trillions of data points at a go. It even claims to search through thousands of stocks in the AMEX, S&P, and Nasdaq to help him spot the winners. Of course, once spotted, the system will then alert you to make that trade to potentially make a huge number of gains in their stock investment. It claims to predict the highs and lows of the stock market by analyzing different factors such as indicators, margins, and all that technical stuff.

The Project Mastermind program normally costs around $2,500 per year. But if you order for a limited time, Louis says it’s only going to cost you $1,999. Honestly, it’s a hard no for me. You’re asking the elderly to basically wager their retirement funds on stocks and buy this system so that their returns will be even greater? That’s a huge risk that you’re asking from them. Furthermore, what if the worst happens, and the stock market crashes? There’s no way they’ll ever get back that money. For me, despite the credibility of Louis Navellier as a financial expert (he’s been featured in several business news outlets and publications), I don’t like an offer like this. It’s too low, even for me.

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