Stock Navigators Review (Timothy Luong)

Timothy Luong

Timothy Luong’s relationship with his dad Tom is quite impressive, something to be jealous about. Tom is not the type of dad who went to buy milk and never came back, but someone who went to buy stocks and came up with a business that his son can piggyback. In fact, this tandem is the one behind Stock Navigators, which from the name itself, a program about stock trading. Here, Timothy manages the business’ operations while his dad focuses on teaching and trading side of things. But as much as I love hearing endeavors from a father-son duo, I just cannot recommend Stock Navigators. Keep your eyes glued on the screen and scroll below to know why.

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To describe the program, it is a collection of training and services that covers the ins and outs of stock trading especially momentum scalping. The flagship six-week training in Expert Trader claims to teach everything you need in trading stocks profitably. It contains the following: 60 hours of self-paced educational materials, access to same strategies and indicators as Tom Luong, assistance with trading simulators, Q and A calls for three days a week, and a membership to a community of like-minded individuals. There’s also a course for beginners and expert alike such as Money Zone Trading Challenge and Options Accelerator, respectively.

Before we navigate to the three main reasons the program is something I can’t recommend, let me share something about this program that is not necessarily a deal breaker but still a lil bit annoying. This is Timothy claiming that their purpose in having Stock Navigators is to lead others to financial freedom like they’re some missionaries. No Timothy, you’re likely here because you can charge thousands of dollars for a program and somehow, someone still buys it. The missionary thing likely alludes to you getting f*cked up big time because you bought their rather expensive program, IYKWIM.

Stock Navigators Review

To start, reason number one is its ridiculous cost that keeps piling up the longer you stay. The entry course starts around $4,500 already, but it goes nowhere but up with all the upsells in the program. Not only you’ll be encouraged to join their most advanced Options Accelerator course which cost a lot more than the entry level ones, but you’ll also be sold hard on overpriced workshops outside the usual offers with prices starting at $1,000. Sometimes it hurts more to hold on, so you better let it go.

Reason number two is their lack of transparency across the boards. The cost I mentioned is not written at their site at all. You must schedule a call, so they tell you the said figure. Nine times out of ten, they’re hiding the price because they know themselves that it’s overpriced and that no one will likely touch the program with a ten-foot pole without the sleazy sales talk via call. Tom hasn’t been showing his daily performance either which is concerning for me (and should be concerning for you, too). Why would I follow Tom’s strategies if I can’t be so sure if he’s successful at using the said strategies? Is he even trading stocks or just profiting off Stock Navigators?

Reason number three is the business model they’re suggesting. Stock trading is not for the faint of heart. Also, not for someone far from having deep pockets. In this business, you’re most likely gambling than investing which is why I’m never sold on its potential. If you still want to become a profitable trader despite the risks, then you better learn the whole thing from the ground up yourself, develop your own trading pattern, and do not rely on trading signals from the so-called trading experts alone. You can start at free resources first since there’s a lot of good traders broadcasting their trades and methods without charging you anything. If you ever want to pay for something related to stocks trading, I advise to not go over a thousand dollars.

So, there you have it, now you know my reasons why the program is something I can’t recommend. I’m not saying that Stock Navigators is a scam, but it’s far from being worth buying. Besides, why choose a very stressful and risky endeavor in stock trading when there’s much superior business models available? There’s a chance of hitting massive gains with stock trading, but at what cost?

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