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My Neurogym Review (John Assaraf)

John Assaraf

My Neurogym is really what its name implies, a training program for strengthening the mind. In case you don’t get it, neurons are essentially your brain cells and gyms are, well, gyms. You’re not going to exercise unlike typical gyms, though. That’s so yesterday. How about “innercising” instead? That’s what John Assaraf, the guy behind this thang wants you to do here. Should you heed? Read on for my thoughts about that.

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First things first, who’s John? What’s with him that we’re out here considering whether we listen to him or not? Well, this fella right here is known for self-help books turned New York Times Bestsellers like Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams and The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life. Now, he also got self-help programs like this one besides books.

Familiar with the law of attraction? I assume that you are. If not, it’s a philosophy that suggests positive thoughts bring positive results, and vice versa. My point here is that John is advocating for this philosophy so hard. Like, he even had a book and movie about it that tried to push the concept mainstream.

According to him, he’s a nobody during his younger days and thinks like one. He’s terrible at school, always picking fights and getting F’s and D’s left and right. Made him believe that he’s not good enough to amount to anything. With Law of Attraction, he apparently turned his life around from a kid who’s most likely to fail in life to being a man on a mission. Now, he’s able to achieve his dream of having a million dolla lifestyle.

Hilarious that he actually helped himself financial-wise by selling self-help books and programs. Self-help, but for John, amirite? I don’t think he’s faking his riches too or else, he won’t be able to pay around fifty grand for that NBA playoffs courtside seat. You can’t rent that sh*t for cheap unlike Lambos and fancy crib. Although, as a Dubs fan, I should say that it must be fun seeing the Suns imploding up close and personal, pffft.

He’s rich, he’s accomplished, and he’s implying that you can be like him if you follow his teachings on My Neurogym. Forget about fear of failure, fear of taking action, and even fear of public speaking, you’ll overcome that as long as you sign up for his programs. Just innercise, says him. Innercise as in mindset conditioning with a little bit of flare.

So, in My Neurogym, he offers various training and mentorship. He got something that’s mostly brain training and videos in Winning The Game Of Fear, Winning The Game Of Procrastination, and 7 Days To A Millionaire Mindset. For more in-depth training with live coaching, he got Winning The Game Of Business and Winning The Game Of Money. Lastly, you can also book John himself to speaking events and private consulting.

My Neurogym Review

The price of My Neurogym offers? Well, My Neurogym can cost as low as $329 ($47 upfront fee plus six monthly payments of $47) up to a whopping $100k if you want him as a speaker at your international event. Although, right away, I should say that even the lowest of their price is too much for me. Could be affordable for most of us, sure, but I ain’t willing to pay that for essentially pseudoscience stuff. Obviously, I’d recommend to not pay a single dime as well.

It’s pseudoscience, but John and My Neurogym is trying their damn hardest to make it look like it’s backed by actual science like quantum physics, neuroscience, and the likes. They’re like, “boo hoo, we’re backed by peer reviewed research, so what you gon’ do?” I say who are ‘em peers you talking to, quack doctors? Like seriously, they really cite a six page study without a smidge of scientific method on their website and call it science. Who are we fooling, old man? Not me and hopefully not any of my readers here.

To add, having the right mindset alone is never enough to give you a booming money-making biz. Knowing the right business model is the way and I’m more inclined to suggest signing up for programs that teach that instead of mindset conditioning. Besides, if you’re really struggling with your mind being a bitch (ADHD, everyone?), it’ll be better to consult actual psych experts that can prescribe meds and therapy, and not go with John and his mind wanking BS. Don’t do what he says, period. That being said, I’m not recommending My Neurogym.

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