Next Deal Mastermind Review (Josh Wilson)

Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson introduces two keynote speakers of Next Deal Mastermind that y’all may be familiar with. Well, at least, I know who they are since I’ve reviewed ‘em and their courses already. They’re none other than Subto’s Pace Morby and Astroflipping’s Jamil Damji. Two real estate gurus who are always together for events like this, it feels like. Regardless, this thang must be something about real estate, right? I’ll confirm if it really is down below. Read on.

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Not to waste anyone’s time, I’ll confirm right away that Next Deal Mastermind has indeed something to do with real estate. I’m pretty sure it won’t be called a mastermind for real estate investors for nothing. Now that we’re clear about that, I think it’s safe to move on to answering a more important question. Which is, what’s the deal with Next Deal Mastermind besides being for real estate investors?

From what I saw on the website, I guess it leans towards fixing properties for rentals, flipping, and sometimes, whatever the speakers are experts at. Maybe it’ll mention Josh’s very own BRRRR method (related to fixing rental properties) too because, well, it’s an event organized by Josh afterall. It’s not BRRRR that means you’re freezing cold, but BRRRR that stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat.

Although I think the highlight here is learning how the “top minds” (which includes Josh and the speakers apparently) in the real estate space operate, and networking with like-minded investors. Something along the lines of getting access to the best deals, strategies, and resources.

Oh, and by the way, the Next Deal Mastermind is actually an on-site event and that only. No virtual live, no recorded sessions, no nothing. You really have to come visit Josh’s hometown in New Orleans if you want to attend one. Gotta book a hotel too if you’re from out of town since the Mastermind is good for two days.

Speaking of two days, you’ll spend your first day with the good ‘ol bus tour of three properties in different phases. If you’re not familiar, this is like the usual educational field trip, but for real estate investors. Show and tell as in they’ll show the ins and outs of properties, and tell what’s with it.

On the other hand, the second day is when speakers gonna speak and networkers gonna network. For this iteration of Mastermind that’ll happen in 2023, the speakers besides Pace and Jamil are Mike Kitko, Kyle Mallien, and Carlotta Thompson. First one, Mike, is an executive self-mastery coach; the next one’s business acquisition specialist; while the third one is a former IRS auditor and tax deduction expert.

The price to pay if you want to attend Next Deal Mastermind? Well, one Next Deal Mastermind’s ticket cost $397. One ticket per person for two days. Two lunch meals and one light appetizer are included. The cost of booking a hotel room plus parking fees, however, are not. Although, at least, Josh prepared a room block on the hotel where the event will take place for y’all convenience.

Next Deal Mastermind Review

Now, what are my thoughts on this Mastermind? First, I’d rather have Josh be more specific with what to expect in the Mastermind strategy-wise. Like, okay, I understand him going for the variety. It’s his choice as the main organizer. But please provide an outline on what’s to be specifically discussed or, at least, have a thematic title for each talk. Give us straightforward statements for us to have a concrete idea on what we’ll listen to, not some vague BS like saying you’ll “create a life of freedom and flexibility”. Leave that guru sh*t behind, it’s getting old.

Second, I’ll still be wary of attending any on-site events. You might say that the killah virus is all gone and forgotten, but I don’t wanna risk it. Especially when this event is far from a small intimate event, and more like a general assembly of hundred something people.

And third, I’ll also be wary (yet again) of attending this one due to possibility of upsells. What’s cheap at the start might cost you lotta grands if you’re pressured to buy Josh’s mentorship. Personally, I’ll pass on this. I’m not interested in any real estate investments, anyway. How about you?

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