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One thing that I often struggle with is listening to music from other genres. If you have read a few of my previous posts on this website, you’ll know that I have a major blind spot when it comes to other genres. I mainly listen to a bunch of pop songs. But even then, I don’t listen to that many artists in that genre. Sometimes you just find the thing that hooks into that genre, sometimes you don’t. With writing the posts, I do find some level of appreciation for what they do. The music may not appeal to me personally. But there others who love the work that these artists do.

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One artist that I haven’t really heard of was Nick Rivera Caminero or, as he’s more popularly known as, Nicky Jam. Before we get into his career, let’s talk about his early beginnings. A lot of the artists that I have written don’t often have very detailed biographies. I guess it really depends on how much an artist is willing to talk about in the interviews that they do. Nicky was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts to a mother with Dominican descent and a father with Puerto Rican descent. Weirdly enough, he was born during St. Patrick’s Day. So most of his early childhood had him celebrating his birthday while there were parades happening around him.

At ten years old, his family moved to Puerto Rico. Apparently his family moved to Puerto Rico because his father was fleeing because he jumped bail from a drug case. It took him a while to get used to being Puerto Rico because he to learn how to speak Spanish around his father’s relatives. It’s not easy to learn the nuances of another language if you spent most of your life knowing just one.

But it was in Puerto Rico that he got into music. Reggaeton was and is still one of the biggest sound in Puerto Rico. Somehow that helped Nicky learn Spanish. So much so that he impressed his classmates at school earning him the nickname “Nick MC.” But it was one drunk guy that gave him the name that he would eventually use. It was when he started improvising verses at a supermarket so that lead him to signing to his first ever label and releasing his debut album at the age of 15.

Unfortunately, he had suffered major heartbreak after breaking up with his girlfriend around the time of his album’s release. For some reason, that lead him to try cocaine? It’s definitely a weird jump. Apparently, it just runs in the family. But despite all that, he managed to keep going at it as an artist. It eventually lead him to meeting Daddy Yankee. They went on to create a duo called Los Cangris. It was relatively popular in Puerto Rico. He managed to release two solo albums while he was in Los Cangris.

Nicky didn’t really adjust to the fame that he was experience which lead to him using drugs and alcohol. Daddy Yankee criticized him for it. He referenced his drug use in a song which lead to Nicky writing a diss track about. By this point in their career’s Daddy Yankee had released Gasolina. Eventually, the duo broke up. That breakup had a negative effect on Nicky professional and personally. But it did had a positive in that he start to develop his singing voice.

In 2007, Nicky Jam’s career slowly started back up. He had moved to Colombia in an attempt to curb his drug use and further his music career. It was in 2010 that he actually went sober with regards to his drug use after he suffered a major overdose. He started getting in better shape shortly after. He also made amend with Daddy Yankee after a chance encounter on a flight. They started to tour together in 2014.

The songs that he did that year lead him to get signed to with Sony U.S. Latin. “Trasveras” because his first ever song to reach the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. He was receiving a lot success during that period, including winning a Latin Grammy. His career has been pretty steady for the most part. Nicky is still releasing music. At the point of writing this, he has a net worth of about $3,750,000.

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