Nine University Review (Kale Abrahamson, Taylor Hiott)

Kale Abrahamson, Taylor Hiott

Nine University’s infamous YouTube ad involves Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott taking turns in explaining their Amazon FBA program. They’re taking shots at other mentors that are flexing their Lambos and Mansion to lure you into buying. Instead of doing that, they’re explaining their offer in an alleyway without any signs of glitz and glamour, whatsoever. Are they any different from the mentors that are blatantly selling the dream? I don’t think so. Read this review to know more.

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Should I praise Kale and Taylor for coming up with a different approach in marketing their program? Nah, it’s not that hard to mock the typical gurus. They also came across as a cringe duo rather than goofy in the ad.  Big oof. Speaking of the said ad…

Once you click the link on their ad, you’ll be redirected to a free Amazon FBA training video. As expected, it’s not an actual training, but more of a sales pitch to join their bootcamp. Here, they explained that you’ll only need to put out three big “fires” (weird comparison, but go on) in order to sell well on Amazon. These are finding the right product, sourcing the right product, and ranking the right product. Just do all of that, and let Amazon take care of the rest. Congrats, you got yourself a business on autopilot.

Of course, it’s all easier said than done. If you also have the slightest idea regarding Amazon FBA, you’ll know that it’s far from an autopilot biz unless you outsource. I mean, the three “fires” mentioned are already too much work, so I’ll never let anyone call Amazon FBA a biz on autopilot. 

Anyway, you’ll be encouraged to click the green button that says “Apply Now to See if You Qualify” below the video once you finish watching it entirely. As the text on the button implies, it’s where you schedule your strategy session with one of Nine University’s sales people. No indication of the 14-day bootcamp price until you talk to them.

Fret not, I got you covered with the juicy deets. I’ve done my research, so you don’t have to call them at all. What I’ve found is that the bootcamp costs $1,997. To add, it’s also far from a complete and comprehensive FBA course. Essentially, it’s just the basics plus some shallow discussion on the “fires” mentioned earlier  like product research and launching an elite PPC  campaign to rank. My verdict? Too pricey for something with a huge FBA content drought. Figuratively speaking, I’ll compare it myself to the Sahara desert levels of drought.

To fill the knowledge gap that the bootcamp doesn’t cover, you have to pay for more. Pretty obvious once you join because of the excessive upsells. For more in-depth content, you’ll be encouraged to check out their Academy offers. Topics include How to Deal with Amazon Inventory Restrictions, Listing Hotseat, How to Bring Outstanding Customer Service, the big deal about Amazon Brand Registry, and so much more. Buying it all can cost you up to $4,600.

Nine University Review

To make matters worse, some upsells are already surfacing within the training of the bootcamp. For example, you’ll need to pay them $297 a month for a simple consultation and coaching call. Apparently, paying $1,997 is not enough for them to provide you basic assistance regarding the bootcamp material. Just wow.

Meanwhile, there’s no such thing as refunds and warranties for all the offers of Nine University. To be fair, it’s much better than their previous 10-day “all questions asked” refund policy. The latter is no different than a no refund policy, so it’s better to be upfront with it.

Ultimately, I don’t recommend this pricey program for its business model. It’s far from being beginner friendly and just as expensive as Nine University’s offers. As a conservative estimate, you’ll need at least $5,000 to set up your store. Not only that, you also need to account for ad costs such as Amazon PPC that could go for a couple hundred bucks or more a month. The general rule of thumb is to allocate 10% of your revenue to launching ad campaigns.

Is Nine University a scam? Probably not. Regardless, buying their offers is not worth it primarily because of its price and business model.

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