Jeff Baxter Course (Here’s My Concerns)

Jeff Baxter

Jeff Baxter reminds entrepreneurs to avoid business burnout. To him, working on a business doesn’t require you to be busy, overwhelmed, and full of anxiety. That’s just doing a whole lot of nothing, says him. And to avoid that, his advice is to allot some time to rest your mind and reset. I’ll say Amen to that, but I can’t fully agree on what he’s saying on his course. My concerns about him and his course are listed below.

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But first, let’s talk about Jeff first. Besides what I already mentioned in my past review about him, he also claims to be an advocate for consumer safety. His goal? Help people avoid getting scammed. “So far, with all of my reviews, research and free training combined we’ve helped to save consumers an estimated $500,000 or more worth of damages in online scams,” he mentions. Turns out, his way of helping is through creating a legit (or is it?) course himself in Agency Master Academy. 

He also believes that bashing the idea of having a day job and/or a degree isn’t the way to go. As an internet marketer who does remote work himself, he’s concerned with his peers on home-based business space getting on their high horse and mocking those who pursued a traditional career and education. The type of petty arrogance where they’re calling a job as “just over broke” or something. Don’t be like that, says him, as we don’t need a bunch of people who can’t pay their bills because they were taught that having a day job is bad and pushed to chase the internet dream with no real success.

As you can see, Jeff can definitely say the right things. He’s someone with opinions that you can easily agree with. However, the latter statement is only applicable outside his course. He doesn’t mind throwing some BS just to sell his course about starting your very own SMMA. No problems with him shamelessly baiting a certain demographic *cough* gun owners and vegans *cough* if there’s some kaching involved. Exhibit one for this scummy behavior is him putting up a ridiculous story involving chickens, a snake, and a shotgun just to hype up his course. I guess, this is what money does to a mothaf*cka. Count this as one of my concerns.

To add, I’m also concerned with how he’s labelling his course as beginner friendly when it involves cold calling and setting up Facebook ads. Nope, sh*t ain’t easy and it’s quite the opposite of being beginner friendly. Not on your wallets nor on ya noggins on Facebook ads alone.

Jeff Baxter Course

What I mean is setting up Facebook ads is expensive (aka risky) and hard to learn with all the constant updates on its algorithm. Not to mention the stress in using it given it’s notorious for its very strict and unforgiving policies. Especially in the pandemic, the AI takeover on policing duties made them hand out bans left and right, so it’s definitely walking in eggshells experience. You don’t want that, no one really does.

I’m also wary of his refund policy. For his Agency Master Academy course that cost around $1,500, I’ll rate the refund policy as not ideal. As written on the site, it’s just a 30-day money back guarantee where you need to have at least 30 booked calls within the refund period. His excuse here is claiming that having one booked call a day is doable. Well, it’s not, and more importantly, who’s booking ‘em calls right after receiving the course? How about going through the video training first, eh? Or maybe, how about not rushing the process in anticipation of availing the refund? Yeah, this is no better than having no refund policy, I think.

Another concern would be his lack of believable social proof. Nope, I won’t take the testimonials he recycled from his older programs (Ad Ninja Pro, for example) believable nor his own review about calling himself legit and not a scammer. And yes, he, using his real name and not hiding in aliases, really put up a handful of articles on medium dot com that reviews himself. Could be a work of his ghostwriter, but still, it’s shameless and deserves to be called out. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend any of Jeff Baxter’s courses.

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