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Nitro Nutrition Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

It is not that easy to start your journey to fitness on your own. There are so many things to consider, that’s why it is better to go to the gym, hire a professional trainer, so that you can be aware of the proper ways to exercise. You tell them what you want to improve, and they will be the ones who will set the goals for you to achieve your preferred figure. But Nitro Nutrition made it so that you can do it at the comfort of your homes.

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Nitro Nutrition is a fitness program launched by Kyani, introduced by a world-renowned nutrition and fitness expert Mark Macdonald in 2021. It is a global wellness movement that is bringing hope to people looking to reach their health and nutrition goals. “With the Nitro Nutrition program, we have what people need right now. The global pandemic has been so hard on everyone. People are worried about their health. They are looking for a solution for getting and staying healthy”, says Katy Holt-Larsen, president of Kyani.

The combination of Kyani’s nature-based supplements, together with Mark’s expertise in the field of fitness gave birth to this program. They called their solution the Nitro Effect, which enables a healthy inflammatory response, promotes circulation, naturally balances blood sugar, optimizes digestion and supports collagen resilience in your body which is supported by their cutting edge nature-based products to fill your nutritional gaps.

The program consists of 2 steps, the 21-Day Reset and the Monthly Accelerate. The 21-Day Reset helps you reset your metabolism and digestion by learning how to optimize your food and fitness and this will be the start of the Nitro Effect. The Monthly Accelerate then will amplify the Nitro Effect and take your health results to the next level. These are both achievable with the aid of their Nitro products.

When you join the Nitro Nutrition movement, you get the plan , the products, and the community you need to make lifelong changes to your health. Their Nitro Nutrition bundles cost starting from $266.95 and can go up to $506.95, which includes different Nitro Nutrition products that can help you with your fitness journey. If you want to be a distributor of these products, you can join Kyani as an affiliate, and you will be compensated accordingly.

You can use the Nitro Nutrition bundles as your start up pack when you enroll as an affiliate. These products also include access to business tools and back office that can help you manage your startup business which is free for the first 3-12months depending on the pack you purchased. They also have free training, seminars, tutorials, and product guides for beginners to learn the right techniques in these kinds of businesses.

One way to earn is to retail the product. You get a percentage commission of the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price when you sell their product. Along with the retail order bonuses where you earn extra income by reaching a certain milestone CV (commissionable volume) sales in a month, there’s also a retail bonus pool which can get you a share of Kyani’s company-wide monthly retail order volume.

There’s a total of 15 affiliate ranks in Kyani. They have this so-called differential recruitment commission where you can earn a percentage of the starter pack your recruits bought based on your rank. You also have the freedom to where you will place your affiliate in your placement tree and this allows you to make “super teams” since ranking up requires group volumes of your 2 strongest unilevel legs. Ranking up will allow you to earn more commissions and bonuses.

Kyani isn’t free from allegations and suspicions over the past years. They were suspected by the Swedish Gaming Board for operating a “chain letter game”, basically tagged as a pyramid scheme. In 2016, they were investigated by Truth in Advertising and reported to the DFA and FTC for improper health and income claims. And in 2018, they were countersued by their former head of Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Qutab after an ugly break-up with the company.

Nitro Nutrition is not a scam. It is a legit program that Kyani introduced and is making a lot of progress to an individual’s health and wellness after they try it. I’ll let you be the judge whether it is true or just false advertising. There are better ways to earn rather than joining MLM companies which have a high risk of failing and losing money in the process. Starting your own small business is a lot better and safer investment.

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