Noelle Randall Review

Noelle Randall

Noelle Randall believes that real estate is the fastest way to becoming a millionaire. In a Youtube video showing her student’s success as a real estate investor, she mentions that Airbnb gets a quick return of cash flow while not requiring huge sum of money to start. According to her, her program will let you realize the dream most people want to achieve – to be your own boss and gain true financial independence. Learn more about Noelle and her programs by reading this review.

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Noelle Randall is a successful businesswoman for over 20 years and a real estate investor. She is the CEO of Randall Coaching, a company that provides mentorship on business opportunities proven to help gain financial independence. She is also part of numerous successful companies such as Nuurez Inc., FDR Horizon Enterprises, and Bella J Hair. She is also active with charity works and the executive director of the Marley Simms foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting children’s literacy and diversity on educational materials. The choice of foundation is from her writing background, she is a known author of children’s books after all.

Aside from her involvement with businesses and a non-profit organization, she is also a holder of multiple master’s degrees from respectable universities. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Urban planning from the University of Connecticut while her master’s degrees in Economic Development and Business Administration from Penn State and Baylor University, respectively.

She also has a very respectable following on social media, around 33.1k followers on Instagram and 556k subscribers on her YouTube channel. To add, her YouTube channel is full of free training videos on real estate investments and credit repair.

Her most popular program named BNB Riches will teach you how to start and manage your own Airbnb business without the need to own a single real estate property. This business model in what Noelle called a “no money down” endeavor is called rental arbitrage. Basically, you will apply for a long-term rental (LTR) on a property and lease it on a short-term basis by posting it on Airbnb.

To be fair, there is a potential to earn passively through this business model. However, the said potential is hard to become reality given how real estate endeavors were affected by the pandemic. To start, Airbnb rentals are already extremely seasonal even without accounting the adverse effect of the pandemic. There is a huge risk of operating at a loss since you will be continuously pay for the LTR regardless of having an Airbnb booking or not.

Noelle Randall Review

To add, you also must deal with additional expenses such as utility and maintenance fees. Worst, you must shoulder repair fees if something is damaged under your lease. This is something you cannot directly control since it’s the short-term renter from Airbnb who will use the house and not you.

There are also concerns if the said setup will be allowed at all. The bans on subleasing especially short-term rentals (STR) have been gaining traction as of lately which will limit your choice of place to conduct the business. In UK alone, it is very frequent to have a legislation or required contract clause that prohibits this. Worse, it is a ground for expulsion. It is also rare for landlords to agree on such setup. Why would they allow you to post their properties for subleasing on Airbnb when they can do it themselves?

Noelle Randall is not a scam. In fact, she is an accomplished individual with a track record the proves her legitimacy as a real estate investor. She has been featured on respectable media agencies such as Forbes, Yahoo! News, Business Insider, the Associated Press, Thrive Global, and many more. Her course is also priced fairly with all the details listed comprehensively in the site. No pressure selling or hidden upsells are also involved. If you really want to start a business based on rental arbitrage, her BNB Riches is a good course to learn it from if you do not mind her no refund and cancellation policy. However, I am not inclined to recommend the said business model at all since it is very risky endeavor especially during the pandemic. I also do not think that real estate is the fastest way to become a millionaire if you have limited resources.

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