High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets Review (Nolan Johnson)

Nolan Johnson

Nolan Johnson claims that he knows how to make a full time income with Facebook ads. It doesn’t even matter if you have no clue on what to sell. And no, don’t  worry as he’s not the guy guilty of a massive romcon (not a typo, I’m really talking about a romance con). Just a disclaimer if you ever come across that news first. Doesn’t mean he’s not another fraud himself, though. Is he? Find out in my High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets review.

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Since we’ve talked about who he is NOT, I think it’s only appropriate to spill who Nolan claims to be. I intentionally chose to worded it out like that BTW because dude says a lot of eyebrow-raising stuff that I’m also skeptical of. Excluding him being the founder of NXJ Marketing, of course. That sh*t’s a given, he IS NXJ Marketing.

The stuff I’m skeptical about starts with his claim of owning eight other companies other than NXJ Marketing. Who knows what those are, he’s not flexing it on his ‘gram unlike the Lambos and G wagon. Ironic, right? Not a single citation on his LinkedIn profile either. Listed his previous day job as a sales rep, but not the multi-million companies he apparently owns? Color me surprised…not.

And, yeah, without revealing any of his eCommerce stores, no one should be shocked by now that I’m doubting the legitimacy of his sales figures. Done over ten million dollars in sales before the age of 24 and now with a grand total of fifty three million USD. Without the sauce to his winning companies, I ain’t believing that ridiculous sh*t. Not so far fetched that he just exaggerated it out of proportions and/or it’s only from him selling courses.

So, there you have it, the stuff Nolan claims about himself that I believe are just BS. Show, don’t tell. ‘Nuff said. Let’s go over now the deets of his course, the High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets. I should say, the premise is already not looking hot to me. Full time income with Facebook ads? Dude’s capping hard. Add the claim of not needing to know what to sell and it’s now a double whammy. Product selection is just as important as marketing, period.

Let’s start with spilling his so-called top three secrets that he’ll cover extensively on High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets. They are as follows: How to find a high ticket item that pays big commissions, how to sell your product on autopilot using a simple sales funnel, and how to master paid advertising to generate sales while you sleep. In that order.

First of all, dude’s meatriding on selling high ticket programs like crazy. Like, no, five high ticket sales is not necessarily easier than five hundred $50 sales. Excuse me, it’s not as simple as less is more attainable. We’re talking about selling five $5,000 products here in his example. With the exception of the rich and oil money rich, no one’s coughing $5,000 on a whim. A pretty convincing sales talk is a must and let’s be honest, not everyone can do that.

High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets Review

To note, he probably has some bias from selling a high ticket program himself. Specifically, a DFY Walmart store that cost north of $50k and may (or may not) be upsold to you after considering High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets. Just saying.

Anyway, I’m also not a believer of his two other secrets. On the second bit, I’m not even a fan of the sales funnel he used on High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets. Might be a petty reason, but the dude straight up lied on the duration of his sales video. C’mon, do you really have to lie on that front? WTH?

Meanwhile, it’s obvious that I’m not going to agree with the third secret. Generating sales via Facebook ads while you sleep? More like generating expenses while usually not getting the results you wanted instead. Seriously, the said ads are just too expensive and too chaotic (in terms of algorithm and community guidelines update) at this point. Not for the faint of heart fosho. Even the suckers of it before like Lucas Lee-Tyson of Growth Cave is talking sh*t about it now.

All things considered, I’m obviously not recommending High Ticket Cash Flow Secrets that cost $197. Guy’s not really a fraud, but his programs are not worth buying.

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