Superstar Blogging Review (Nomadic Matt)

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is still grateful despite how the month of May didn’t go as he’d imagined. He’s kind of feeling meh overall, sure, but he still had his moments. I mean, he just saw Taylor Swift up close in her Eras tour, stumbled upon THE Gordon Ramsey, and then was able to make himself at home in his new crib. That’s his life update, alright, but what about his Superstar Blogging course? Doncha worry, I got news to share down below.

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As the name suggests, Superstar Blogging is a training program that’ll teach you strategies on how to launch and grow your blog. While his own blog focuses on documenting his travels as a digital nomad, the course could also be used as a guide for creating any other kind of blogs.

Nevertheless, Superstar Blogging is still best suited for those who want to follow Nomadic Matt’s path to relevance: Creating educational content about traveling, making a career out of it, and being able to live a location-independent life. The premise is basically making money while exploring different parts of the globe.

Not only that, he claims that you don’t have to be tied down to your cubicle job nor be rich to start traveling like he did. He claims that international trips can be done on a budget and having a blog just like his could easily cover the travel expenses and more.

That’s why he has Nomadic Matt dot com for sharing travel tips and what it’s like to be on the road. He also recently started a tour company that offers small group tours to travel enthusiasts. Then, of course, he has Superstar Blogging for teaching how to run a successful blog like his.

Regarding blogging courses, he didn’t dismiss the fact that there’s already lots of info online for free. But then, he firmly believes that information is never enough. “What’s more important than information is a teacher,” he elaborates, “Someone who can help you make sense of everything, give you guidance and support, troubleshoot problems, and be there to answer all your questions.”

In general, the courses under Superstar Blogging contain the following: Q & A and strategy calls, improvement suggestions on your writing, immersive IRL assignments, bonus webinars, and access to a community forum to interact and network with like minded people. More than just a course as Nomadic Matt claims.

If we get down to the nitty-gritty, Superstar Blogging has two offers namely Superstar Business Masterclass and Superstar Writing Masterclass. The first one has lessons about how to create and maintain a long-lasting brand, learn what topics are best to write about, how to grow your email list, and much more. This offer of Superstar Blogging cost a one time payment of $99.

On the other hand, Superstar Writing Masterclass will teach you about the art of storytelling, how to self-edit, how to write either for  books or the internet, and how to make money as a writer. In contrast to Superstar Blogging’s first offer, Writing Masterclass is offered at a subscription-based price of $79 a month or $199 a quarter.

Just like my recommendation in Food Blogger Pro, I would not mind for y’all to sign up for Superstar Blogging if— a very big IF at that— you’re not expecting the blog to generate you a full time income. Because guess what, you just can’t get millions of site visitors like Nomadic Matt’s.

While I do agree with Matt’s sentiment that there’s always room for great content and unique creators, it’s much easier to fade into the background, buried among thousands of similar sites, than to stand out. The intense competition just screams tough time to create and maintain audience engagement.

And while you can definitely travel on a budget, doing it every so often to kickstart your travel blogging journey is still not that cheap. Unlike Matt, you’ll likely won’t have any trip sponsors, and so, you gotta pay for everything out of pocket. It wouldn’t be wise if you bet that a blog would cover your travel expenses. Might as well believe that crows would turn white.

Superstar Blogging Review

Technically, there are crows that turn white [like the Corvus species having white patches on their feathers]. But they’re very rare, and so are cash machine blogs. That holds particularly true if you’re just about to start making one. Bitter pill to swallow, I know.

Finally, I’m personally not keen on recommending Nomadic Matt as a mentor for integrity reasons. Thanks to a Columbia-based travel insider slash YouTuber named ColumbiaFrank, I became aware that Matt usually writes about stuff he has no business talking about.

For instance, he’s caught regurgitating [wrong] info copy pasted from other unreliable sources, and using third party photos other than their own. Both suggest that Matt didn’t know much about the place, like he’s never been there. Just because he traveled a lot doesn’t mean it’s fine to pretend that he knows it all. That’s just wack.

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