NortheStar Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

It’s not much of a surprise that the health and nutrition space is riddled with a lot of multi-level marketing companies. There’s probably some variation of the previous sentence in some of my reviews. What can I say? There are just a lot of multi-level marketing or network marketing companies within that specific industry. Because there are so many of these companies in that space, there are obviously going to be overlaps in the type of products that they offer. There might be some slight difference in what ingredients get used to make these products. But the products and their benefits are roughly the same.

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It seems like the founders of NortheStar have had some experience being part of multi-level marketing companies. Co-founder Ricky Villanueva apparently reached the highest tier of a crypto-related MLM company called Digital Profit in May 2021. Though it seems like he immediately left that company after a month in that rank to start NortheStar. It was through Digital Profit that Ricky met co-founder Demitrius Siruno. Demitrius started out in Kyani, another health and nutrition-related MLM company. It’s actually not the first time that people who’ve been a part of any multi-level marketing or networking company decided to establish their MLM company. 7K Metals and Family First Life both had founders who had experience being part of a MLM or networking company.

I’m not really sure if this is only happening on my end, but it doesn’t seem like the product page has any products to show. Maybe it might be because of where I live? I don’t know. It’s just seems really weird that that happens. There are only really four products that they sell. Compare to some of the other health and nutrition MLM companies, that’s not really a lot. Three of them are powdered drink mixes while one is a nutritional supplement.

The cost of joining NortheStar depends on how much of the product you want to sell. The cheapest option is the “Complete Nutrition Starter Pack” which features one of each product and costs $159. The middle option is the “Rising Star Pack” which features three of each product and costs $399. The most expensive one is the “VIP Pack” with features five of each product and costs $599. Once you’ve bought any of those packs, you are now an affiliate of NortheStar.

Like most multi-level marketing companies, you have to start selling products and recruiting new members in order to get commissions. You do get commissions just for selling the products at their retail price. But if you want to climb up the ladder, you have to maintain a certain quota of product sales for you and your recruited affiliates. The higher the rank, the higher the quota needed to remain in that rank. I think that’s one of the hardest things when it comes to being part of an multi-level marketing company. You have to entice people to join you.

Getting into any kind of multi-level marketing scheme costs a lot of money. Especially if you have to buy products to sell on a regular basis. Aside from the cost, you also have to find people who you can easily persuade to join. The most obvious are your friends and family. But if your friends and family know what you’re going through as an affiliate member of whatever MLM company, they might not be that easy to persuade. They have you as an example of what would happen if they joined MLMs. 39% of people who join MLMs leave because they’ve ruined a lot of their relationships with their friends and family.

I don’t really recommend anyone to join multi-level marketing companies. There’s definitely a risk that not a lot everyone may be cut out for. You will be putting a lot of your time and money into this venture. Like I said in the previous paragraph. This might put a strain in your relationships with other people. Not everyone earns money from it. Some people get back the money they put into it, while others actually lose money from it. It feels like it’s never really worth all the trouble to be a part of it. The products, if there were ones available, might work just fine. But are they revolutionary? Probably not.

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