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Jerry Norton has been in the real estate industry for more than 17 years, and during that time, has invested in plenty of properties. He’s also very good at what he does, as he has wholesaled and flipped several properties all over the U.S. And the best part of this is, he doesn’t even need to see those properties for himself, nor he doesn’t need to get out of his hometown in Puerto Rico to earn money in wholesaling and flipping. So how does he do it? And could you also achieve the same outstanding results as he did? Read on for my review.

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Jerry Norton himself also claimed that he has previously taught thousands of people in the business of flipping houses, and some of these people have gone on to create six and seven-figure businesses themselves. He said, “Now as you know, wholesaling and flipping houses isn’t always easy. But imagine doing it remotely where you never actually see the properties in person. That’s what I do. And while it’s not a perfect system, I’ve developed my own unique way of doing it. And my hope is to give you some ideas so that you, too, can create your dream business and ideal lifestyle. And if you’re just getting started I wanna give you the opportunity to get paid to find deals for me.”

The key to his success in real estate flipping, he says, is to find independent agents who can scout these lucrative real estate deals for you. It kind of works like outsourcing, but on my page, I can’t really call it “outsourcing” because you don’t really hire the person as your agent long-term. It saves you a lot of money because you don’t even need to recruit, hire, train, babysit, and bankroll a giant in-house full acquisitions team. It’s your preference if you want to hire just one person, or you can recruit an entire team of agents for your business. As Jerry says, “The goal is to create an army of independent finders and give them the training and tools to go out in their respective markets and find deals for you. Once someone submits one and it meets all your criteria, you buy it and send ’em a check for $10 grand or whatever the agreed upon finder’s fee was.”

Such is the case with Raymond Huong, who is one of Jerry’s students. Jerry taught Raymond all the knowledge that he has on real estate flipping and wholesaling, from finding deals in the real estate market, to closing them, and many others. Jerry also gave Raymond an opportunity to earn money by finding those real estate deals for Jerry to invest in. Then one day, Raymond found a lucrative deal for Jerry. In return, Jerry pays Raymond $10,000. And that’s it. Jerry earns money from flipping the property, Raymond earns money through commissions, and everyone is satisfied (or are they?). But Raymond also has the option of building his own team of property finders as Jerry did.

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Of course, finding someone who is also interested in buying the property that you’re trying to flip is an important part of the equation. If you can’t sell the property, of course, you won’t get money. But Jerry says this, “This is actually the easiest of all the steps. The way I handle this is simple. I find a top-selling agent in the area to list my deals for sale. Aside from having a great experience (for the buyer), the reason I want a top producer in that local market is so that I can leverage their experience when deciding how to renovate the house. They know what buyers want. So I’ll bring them in early in the rehab process and ask them what I should and should not do.”

Finally, of course you need money to invest in any real estate property. Again, Jerry Norton claims that he has a solution for that. The idea is that you’re going to leverage other people’s money to get the capital you need. The ideal ratio is around 80-20. 80% of your real estate money should come from your loans, the remaining 20% is money from your own pockets. “You’d be surprised how easy and readily available money is for deals. Money lenders are eager to give you money. You just gotta learn how to find ’em.”

If you want his help to get started in real estate flipping and investing, then you can join his online training program, Flipping Mastery. There’s no mention of how much it costs, you have to book a call first to find out. You have to prepare several thousands of dollars for this, though, as the course will surely have that price range. Is it worth the cost? Probably. But there are reports of Jerry Norton demanding your personal savings, 401k, credit cards to pay upfront just so he would talk to you. Furthermore, there are others claiming that if you watch all Jerry’s YouTube videos and practice what he is saying, you do not need to buy his education courses. You’ll already learn a lot. So this may not be worth the price at all in the end. You may be better off building your own digital real estate and making money off of it instead of this business model.

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