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Norwex Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Any neat freak out there wishes that there should be a product of good quality, durability and eco-friendly that they can use in cleaning their houses, not like those disposable ones which are such a waste. Well, Norwex heard their prayers and developed a microfiber cloth that can be used in cleaning every inch and corners of your house and their mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

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Norwex (The Norwegian Experience) was founded by Bjørn Nicolaisen in 1994. He founded the company after discovering a special microfiber cloth that was extremely effective at cleaning his windshield without the use of any other substance other than water. This gave him the idea that there are still many ways to clean our houses with eco-friendly and toxin-free products which he later developed in the company.

Norwex’s microfiber cloth is not comparable with any other microfiber cloths out there because their cloths are silver-embedded. Silver is a naturally antibacterial agent. It is not used to disinfect what you’re cleaning but is designed to inhibit bacterial growth, mold and mildew in the cloth itself. You would see on some wipes out there that they have white spots forming, meaning not all negative agents dried off and the smell stays. But not with norwex cloth.

They also have laundry detergents, cleaning paste, stain removers, mattress cleaners, toilet sprays, dishwashing liquid, and table and kitchen cloth set for the cleaning department. And for personal care, they offer hand sanitizers, lotions, tooth paste, natural deodorant sticks, hand creams, facial serums and kid’s body wash. These products are all-natural that replace harmful chemical compounds with enzymes. 

To join Norwex, you will pay a one time fee that costs $200, and it can be free, how? You only need to sell a total value of $2000 worth of products from your first 3 months of enrollment then it will become free. Who do you expect to sell towels and cloths worth $2000 in the first 3 months? Now that you claim that your products are of good quality and can be used for months. So yeah, it won’t be free. Just pay the $200 to start off your Norwex journey.

The company still relies on the home party model until now, which I think is not that effective nowadays. They have the 4-star free host program which has 4 steps to earning free products but to sum it up, the more sales you make on each house party you host, the more free products you will get. And hosts can earn Host Special or whatever it is when more guests buy products during the house party. Host Special can be a hundred or more dollars worth of free products but it changes monthly so who knows. 

Personal retail sales discounts can come up to 35%, thus you can also earn up to 35% in commission for every product that you sell. And you can also sell those free products you earned during your successful house parties. They also have a FreshStart Rewards Sales Plan that gives you free products worth of something for every milestone you achieve. There really is no cash basis here. It is up to you to make those products into cash. 

The only cash basis that you will earn in Norwex is their unilevel commissions. They’re using a unilevel compensation structure of up to five levels deep in your downline. But this is only available on high ranking affiliates. And it is said in some reviews that it is hard to climb up the ladder. It’s too political, they say. It’s like you need connections from higher up to be able to climb up in ranks, which is a good example of bad work ethics.

You need to get at least $250 of product sales every month to remain active as a consultant. If not, you will have to pay it yourself to complete that $250. Then you have to pay another $20 for the reactivation of your “license” to be a consultant. And after 12 months of no sales, that said license will be revoked and you’re no longer part of Norwex. So, what now? 

You invite friends and family to your home party, expect them to watch you demonstrate how to clean using Norwex products. After that, what? Convince them to buy products from you. That’s the hardest way of making sales if I were asked to. Family members can understand, maybe but as with your friends, it may put your friendship at risk getting fed up with all your b*llsh*t and stuff.

Norwex is not a scam. It is a legit company that has good quality cloths to be proud of. These cloths can be used for months which is a good buy for the long run, but if you’re looking for a company that can help you earn income, Norwex is not a good opportunity. Even if you’re good at marketing, there will come a time that you will be unable to sell these products because your customers still have what they bought from you in the early stages. You will only have a stockpile of microfiber cloths inside your home.

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