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Blake Nubar started as a data-entry clerk who was just making around $8 per hour. Today, ever since he learned about internet marketing, he’s making a total of more than a million dollars, which is a really big far cry from his previous job experience. And he attributes this to his impressive expertise in using sales funnels. He isn’t called “the sales funnel expert” for nothing. Due to this, he’s been featured in several publications like Entrepreneur and Funnel, and has been an awardee of the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award. He also has a partnership program wherein you can learn Blake’s marketing methods that have made him successful.

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Blake Nubar’s Partnership Program is a business model wherein you’re essentially given the privilege to promote and sell number of Blake’s products and services. These include a number of his online courses that aren’t revealed to you at first, until you sign up for the program. This system additionally gives you a white-label license for those products. This means you may sell them under your own name and branding and keep 90% of the income for your self. They’re promoting this as something that doesn’t require you to have any products in mind to sell, because Blake will provide it for you.

As the program says, the products that you’ll be selling can also be tailored for you, and you’ll be able to make some changes to it as you see fit, essentially making the product as your own. It additionally states that the products have already set costs to make it easier to give upsells. These products are priced at $7, $37, $197, and $797, though the last one isn’t usually mentioned upfront. This system additionally teaches you the way you may efficiently sell those products for you to earn money. Specifically, Blake, will teach you how you can make a profitable sales funnel of your own, and use paid Facebook ads in order for you to make a successful sale.

Blake Nubar’s Partnership Program also includes a complete training course that can help you learn about internet marketing. And it’s basically divided down into 5 steps. Step 1 is deciding on your area of interest, or your niche. You’ll be given some questions that you have to answer for them to decide your chosen area of interest. When you answered these questions, you’ll then be given the sales funnel, which you have to register. You’ll also be able to name your domain, your brand label, and designing the logo for the products for your funnel.

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Step 4 is getting the digital offers. You’re now going to start adding your products to the funnel. Here, you’ll learn how to write suitable product descriptions, set up your Stripe payment details for each product, and of course, the proper pricing. You’ll also be able to download a Facebook Page profile template for your products here. Step 5 is for creating video content suitable for your offers. Sometimes, you may lack the proper dialog to say when you’re recording your marketing video. In this step, the program will provide several video scripts that you can follow when producing your video content.

The final steps involve driving traffic through your sales funnel using at least two methods. The training only covers Facebook, however, so what you’ll learn here is to generate organic traffic first by posting on Facebook groups, then using paid Facebook to boost your marketing. So how do you sign up for Blake’s partner program? It’ll cost you a one-time payment of $997. You also have the option to avail of the program with two payments of $597 each. But honestly, I don’t think I can recommend joining this program to anyone at all.

The way I see it, it’s as if instead of you truly partnering with Blake himself and building an actual business with him, it feels as though Blake’s just hiring you to promote his online courses. Basically, you’re going to do all the dirty work for him while he rakes in steady profits. Sure, he teaches you actual affiliate marketing lessons, and that some of his sales funnels are already done-for-you, but to be honest, most of the things that he teaches you here are already freely available on other resources, most especially YouTube. Not to mention that there seems to be no sort of mentorship program here, like live coaching calls or any sort. Therefore, I strongly advise that you avoid this altogether.

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