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NXJ Automation Review

NXJ Automation

Nolan Johnson, founder of NXJ Automation, is fond of one-sentence captions. Even his bio in Instagram is structured this way. CEO of 9 companies and $48 million in sales is the phrases displayed, specifically. Despite how simple the said phrases are, the meaning could be complicated. Is he really a CEO of 9 companies? That would be impressive if he is, but his LinkedIn profile only includes NXJ without the rest. Aren’t you supposed to show them all just like how he flexes his Lambos and G Wagon?

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Not gonna lie, it made me doubtful of his sales figure too. There might be some truth behind it, but It’s more likely from selling his programs. Since his NXJ Automation course is all about setting up a Walmart eCommerce store, it should be him earning millions with this. But nope, I don’t think he have a winner store there at all. If he has one, he’ll be plastering the name of the said store practically everywhere. Again, it should be similar on how he flexes his luxury cars.     

Anyway, let’s talk about his NXJ Automation program. It’s a DFY service that will do the heavy lifting for your Walmart eCommerce store. Will they do all the work for setting up your store from scratch? Check. Any research from them so you don’t need to choose the product to sell yourself? Also check. How about running its day-to-day operations like fulfilling orders, answering customer inquiries, and processing refunds if there’s any? Check, check, and check. Basically, they’re promising a hands-off business just for you.

For readers who would like the nitty gritty of it, here’s all the things Nolan’s NXJ Automation will do for you and your store: Product research, making product listings, selecting a supplier, managing inventory and stock levels, processing orders, maintaining a good product rating, and handling customer service concerns and returns. They’ll also offer additional services on marketing such as promotion via Facebook ads, SEO, and more.

As expected, this would be hella expensive. $50,000 hella expensive, to be exact. It’s more than what Michael Walding charges for a similar DFY but in Amazon. Besides that, you’ll also need to pay $297 monthly for an inventory monitoring software. They call it as something that’ll remove out-of-stock items automatically, so you can avoid costly penalties. Idk if it’s necessary at all since you can do it manually, but whatever. Having some A.I. in your business is cool for something that offers automation, I guess? Finally, NXJ will also take 30% of your profit. Fair enough, but it will definitely shrink the profit margin for you. Not a problem if you’re selling well, but it could be a recipe for a disaster, aka operating at a loss, when you can’t sell any.

What I like about this is it’s real. You’ll really be getting a business on autopilot. This is like a double-edged sword, though. If they’re doing everything for you, you’re likely to be in less control of your store. You’ll likely be complacent to not know anything about eCommerce and dropshipping at all. This is not good, for you at least, for two reasons.

NXJ Automation Review

One, you’ll miss out making important decisions in your store by yourself. Despite NXJ doing all work for it, it’s still YOUR store. I mean, it would not materialize without your $50k and more after all. There are times where it would be the best for your interest to intervene occasionally.

Two, you’ll also be vulnerable to getting taken advantage by NXJ Automation. I don’t say they will, but it would be better to safeguard yourself anyway.

Besides, a Walmart eCommerce store is similarly problematic to having an equivalent one in Amazon. In Walmart, what’s concerning is how slow its eCommerce growth compared to Amazon. It’s newer but the quarter growth is much smaller at 7% compared to Amazon’s 22%. The chance of it getting close to the figures of Amazon is quite slim. They’re also notorious for closing their services. Say goodbye to your store when they give up on their eCommerce offer because it’s not good enough for them. They did it already on their very own Jetblack, so there’s a chance they’ll do it again.

Ultimately, I don’t recommend NXJ Automation. I don’t think it’s a scam, don’t get me wrong. It’s just too costly for a business model I also don’t like recommending.

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