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NXTLVL Services Review (Michael Walding)

Michael Walding

Michael Walding, a professional bodybuilder and mass communications graduate out of Florida State University turned business tycoon and founder of NXLVL Services, promises its customer to have a steady flow of passive income while he and his team do all the grunt work to start and operate it. Everything is done for you; all you need is to finance it.

Earning money at the comfort of your home sounds enticing right? Like every course or business plan which suggests financial freedom without doing any work or not needing any technical expertise, it sure sounds interesting. However, not all businesses are built the same. Some have too good to be true claims that will likely not deliver their pledged results. Worse, some can be downright scam and only here to take and run away with your hard-earned money.

This is the reason I am going to review NXTLVL Services by Michael Walding. Is it a legitimate business that can provide you a steady flow of passive income without doing any hands-on work? If it is, is it worth investing?

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NXTLVL Services is a Done-For-You (DFY) service provider that offers its expertise on handling Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) based businesses. With over 150 stores and a team of 350 employees, Michael and his company promises to build and manage your dream business that requires no hands-on work from you. Specifically, they provide complete onboarding process and a dedicated store manager for your Amazon store. This is also with a guaranteed 24/7 customer service support.

Sounds great, right? It sure is for a promise of great income on autopilot. But like every business with very ambitious claims, there must be a catch. In NXTLVL Services case, you must pay a huge sum of money upfront as a consulting fee to get started. The amount is not displayed prominently on their site for a reason, but it is indicated to be $25,000 on their more obscure sign-up page. To add, you also need to provide a credit card with at least $7,500 credit balance.

Aside from high capital requirement, it is a huge risk to invest in a highly saturated market like FBA. With nearly 600,000 new stores last year, it might be difficult, despite being managed by experts, to gain traction that is enough to be profitable.

To top it all, NXTLVL will take 35% of your business net profit as a monthly management fee. To be fair, it is expected for NXTLVL Services to charge such fee given they practically do everything for your business, but it is still steep of a percent cut if you ask me.

NXTLVL Services Review

NXTLVL Services is not a scam. FBA business is legitimate and can be profitable if done right. The same can be said for DFY service providers since outsourcing is not a new concept and can be a great help for businesses to lower their cost and improve their efficiency. However, NXTLVL Services not being a scam does not mean it is worthy of your investment at all.

To start, the high capital requirement for such a high-risk venture is very discouraging. Despite the Amazon being one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, getting into their FBA program is not advisable due to the high number of stores that is basically your competition. It is never a guarantee, even with the help of experts like NXTLVL Services, to be successful in a very saturated market. NXTLVL Services not disclosing their advertising plans, if there is any at all, is also a red flag since effective advertising is the primary requirement to be profitable in FBA.

It is also not recommended to have a business that you do not have any knowledge to begin with. A 100% hands-off business is enticing but a lot of successful businesses still heeds the guidance of their owner. Outsourcing can be great in terms of cost and efficiency, but you still need to have a considerable input on major decisions of your business. Having a presence in decision-making or at least having some knowledge on how your business operates also reduce the chances of a DFY service provider, in this case NXTLVL Service, to take advantage of you. After all, there is no better person to trust but yourself.

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