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Dexter & Hazel Obiso Reviews

Dexter & Hazel Obiso

Dexter Obiso shares about his wife Hazel’s journey to recovery recently. They’ve been through tough times for sure. Not only is cancer a serious health issue, it’s also financially draining as well. “Let’s face it, the treatments, flights, and boarding aren’t cheap for something like this,” Dexter mentions. She’s sick and he’s worried, as any husband would. But his worry is more about his wife’s health, and not so much about their finances.

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For the average person, this ordeal would easily be a financially stressful situation. I mean, he said it himself, right? However, they’re no average person as they’re both an online business certified coach. And what matters here is not really the fact that they’re coaches, it’s the implication that they’re owners of an online business as well.

With the said business, they’re able to supplement their income with four digit checks. Since it’s automated, there’s no need for them to work their ass off like a usual 9-5er would. “Instead of worrying [about finances], we were comfortable and focused our attention on the treatment,” he adds.

Before anything else, I just wanna say that I’m quite confused on how to react here. Hazel here is fighting for her life, yet she allows her hubby to take this as an opportunity to plug their online biz. Should I respect the hustle? I can’t say sh*t for sure since part of me finds this plain distasteful.

There’s also a possibility that they’re just like the usual gurus… Someone whose so-called automated online business is just selling money-making courses. If that’s the case, I see why they’ll try to always sneak it in. Again, treatments ain’t cheap which means they need lots of money, and to get it, they need lots of sales too. That took a dark turn, I know.

Seeing the webinar that comes right after you get squeezed by their squeeze page makes me think that this would turn out worse. It’s very, very similar to Michelle Rankin’s sh*tty workshop. First off, they both got a weird ass host. Here in Dexter and Hazel’s webinar, the host mentions that she’s from Italy, yet her accent is a dead giveaway that she’s some nervous Asian freelancer that’s not paid enough to do this sh*t.

If Michelle got buncha papers falling to turn the cringe up a notch, Dexter and Hazel got their host to do such by speaking with an awful lot of awkward pauses. She’s like grab yourselves… a glass of water. Dang, I really thought she’s about to make us grab something that’s, uhm, let’s just say, a little bit inappropriate.

Then, like Michelle, the couple is not seen in the webinar at all. For the two who keep on plugging their biz everytime they have a chance, this is quite odd to say the least. Seriously, the couple fit the webinar’s family-oriented theme (e.g. being able to be more involved with their children’s lives) like a glove, yet they’re nowhere to be seen.

The webinar is bad, that’s for sure. But how exactly did this become worse than selling money-making courses? Well, it’s worse since the business opportunity here turns out to be a hybrid of MLM and affiliate marketing. Although, NGL, this is just like selling money-making courses, but with extra steps and stronger cult-ish flavor to it.

Dexter & Hazel Obiso Reviews

Here’s how you’ll do the biz. First, your mentor would instruct you on what product to sell. It’s either crappy physical products or the Digital Business Program info pack that you bought yourself to get into this. Then, you’ll set up your very own sales funnel just like what Dexter and Hazel have right now. Finally, you’ll get your leads from Facebook and its ads… just like what the couple use themselves yet again.

And BTW, the said Digital Business Program info pack that Dexter and Hazel sells would cost you $149, and it includes the following: video-based training, personalized business systems, and access to live weekly mastermind hosted by experts. They say experts, I say MLM cult leaders who’ll push $12k worth of upsells in ya face (based on a true story BTW).

Obviously, I won’t recommend buying Dexter and Hazel’s offer. I’m wishing Hazel a speedy recovery from her sickness, but sadly, I won’t wish success for their online business that’s funding her treatment. Not when people are quick to point out that it’s nothing but a full-fledged MLM scam with fake money back guarantee. Being desperate for money is not a free pass to scam someone else, y’know.

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