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There are moments in your life that would make you feel old. Time stops for no one. But there’s definitely been that realization that there are just a bunch of younger people finding success in any certain field. I guess growing up in an age where you can learn almost anything definitely helps the younger generation. Still, you just kind of feel that existential dread whenever you find out there are just bunch of kids doing extremely awesome stuff at such a young age.

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Ocean Brown is the brother to Olympic skateboarder Sky Brown. It’s sometimes hard to live under your sibling’s shadow. But I guess Ocean is probably proud of her sister’s achievements. Like his sister, he also skates. He also does surfing and photography. There isn’t really much that is known about Ocean’s childhood. Partly because he’s still living it. It feels really weird to talk about a person this young because you’re not going to get anything out of them as far as life story is concern.

Basing on the interviews that her sister did with a bunch of publications, Ocean grew up with a very adventurous family. I mean, if your parents named you Sky and Ocean, you’re definitely a child of people who have a fondness for being outdoors. His dad is from the United Kingdom while his mom is from Japan. Ocean basically became known because he gets involved in a lot of videos on the YouTube channel that his parents created. Sometimes, proximity just helps gain interest in you.

Truly, there is nothing else we could talk about a kid who sometimes shows up on videos on a YouTube channel. His sister is definitely the more famous one between the two of them. Though Ocean does have more than 200 thousand followers on an Instagram account that his mom manages. It’s insane that there’s so many people interested in an account of a 10-year old kid who skateboards. But the internet is weird. Anybody can have that kind of follower count for doing absolutely anything.

It doesn’t really seem like Ocean Brown has a net worth? Or if he does, it’s probably around $10,000. He probably also has a ton of branded content on his Instagram page so his net worth is probably higher than that. But I don’t really get it. Anybody can monetize their following count nowadays. It wouldn’t much of a surprise if Ocean’s mom decided to use his son’s Instagram page to earn money. It’s still going to be used by them anyway. I still don’t know if it’s a good idea to put your kids out there on the internet regardless of any safeguards put in place.

I guess I’ll just devote this part of the post to Sky Brown. I mean, she has the more established career among the two of them. Sky basically learned how to skateboard from watching his dad and from watching a bunch of YouTube videos. As I have mentioned, kids these days know how to search for stuff online. It makes sense that they would watch video tutorials on YouTube than go to a skate park and watch a bunch of skaters do their thing. It’s easier to learn it at your own pace than asking somebody to teach you over and over.

She started joining skateboarding competitions at the age of 8 years old. She, unsurprisingly, was the youngest person to compete at the Vans US Open. She didn’t win the competition. But at least she has put herself out there. A year later, she joined the Asian Continental Finals which she managed to get second place. She also placed 10th in another skateboarding competition that Vans hosted.

By 2018, she formally started her professional skateboarding career. She’s basically the youngest ever professional skateboarder. Somehow, she also got cast as one of the contestants for Dancing With The Stars: Juniors which she won. It was in 2019, in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, that Sky announced that she would be participating as part of Great Britain’s national team. Of course, the pandemic derailed the Summer Olympic Games. She suffered an injury during one of the qualifying games for the category. During the Summer Olympics, she won bronze which meant that she was also Great Britain’s youngest ever Olympic medal winner.

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