OCS Method Accelerator Review (Intelligent Advertiser)

Intelligent Advertiser Chris Evans

Chris Evans (not the famous Hollywood actor), along with his business partner Taylor Welch, are the authors of The Intelligent Advertiser, a handbook that provides you with their secrets that makes their advertising campaigns successful and enables you to consistently generate new leads from it. Today, they claim that they know a so-called “secret method” that allows them to generate a good and consistent amount of income online, specifically, on YouTube. And you don’t need to be a YouTube content creator and uploads lots of videos with this. You also don’t even need to buy other’s YouTube channels for this purpose, or even outsource this strategy. So how does this method work? Keep on reading this OCS Method Accelerator review to find out.

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As you very well know, making money on YouTube is going to involve you creating a channel and uploading videos. But it’s not going to be as simple as that. You have to make sure that not just one, not just te, but thousands or more, should be viewing your videos and subscribing to your channel on a daily basis. Obviously, this would require you to create a lot of content and upload a lot of videos, on a regular basis, and you have to maintain that activity even when your channel is already monetized. But of course, not everyone knows how to create and edit their own video content. And despite that, it would take you around several months, even years, to actually start getting profits from YouTube (and it may not even be a lot). The OCS Method Accelerator was created with this in mind.

“…for the first time in history, total beginners who have never made a penny online now have the once in a lifetime opportunity to make thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a month on YouTube, without starting a channel.”, Chris Evans says as he explains all about the program through his video advertisement. “It’s already happening. Over four hundred and twelve people have now used my secret OCS Method, with the plug-and-play system I’m going to give you in a sec, to make an extra two grand or more in their first twenty-eight days.”

He further explains in the video that anyone can do this business model, and that there’s virtually no ceiling to the amount of money that you can earn from this. In fact, some students are doing tens of thousands a month already, thanks to this YouTube system. After hyping up the offer comes the big reveal: The idea is that you’ll be working with other YouTube content creators (especially when they are makers on an online course) in order to run the ads for them. By learning the skills and strategies being taught inside the OCS Method Accelerator, you’ll be able to negotiate higher prices for your earnings, possibly in upwards of $2,000. It’s also revealed at this point that “OCS” stands for “Optimal Cost Scaling”.

If you can help a course creator spend one dollar on YouTube ads and make even two dollars back, they no longer have an advertising budget.”, Chris explains how this business model can help you earn lots of money. “They can literally scale their ads to the next freaking galaxy, spend millions of dollars on YouTube, and predictably double their money for months (or even years) on end.” This also means that, the more they earn thanks to your YouTube advertising expertise, the more you can earn as well.

Intelligent Advertiser Taylor Welch

As for the training program itself, the OCS Method Accelerator includes lessons that teaches you everything you need to know about YouTube advertising. From how you set up your ads account on YouTube, how to do the strategy itself, and how you can scale them. It also teaches you lessons on how you can attract clients to avail of your services. Additionally, it contains daily after-lesson exercises meant to apply what you have learned, a weekly milestone to keep you accountable, and scheduled personal coaching sessions from either Chris or his co-creator, Taylor Welch. Finally, the program also includes freely downloadable ad templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch when creating your YouTube ad campaigns. There are also downloadable scripts and call recordings to help you into landing your clients.

The cost for this program is $97, but there are reports that they’re going to attempt to offer you an upsell course that costs around $7,500, while noting that it’s the real online course they’re trying to promote. Overall, I think the OCS Method Accelerator is still a good and informative course. But I think the strategy they’re promoting here may not be as effective as today due to the numerous updates done to YouTube, and even Google.

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