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Officeless Agency Review (Abdul Farooqi, Chance Welton)

Abdul Farooqi, Chance Welton

Officeless Agency advertised itself as a provider of unconventional shortcut that can get you paid by up to 5-10 real businesses every single month. The business model they offer is also marketed as pandemic-proof and requires no previous skills on tech or business. Curious of the said course? Read this Officeless Agency Review to learn more.

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Officeless Agency is a program that covers topics on lead generation and setting up your own digital marketing agency. It claims to provide a proven business model that is economic crisis proof, beginner-friendly, and can generate a steady income. The gist of this is basically putting up “ready to be bought” billboard ads that is marketed very simple to setup and takes little time to manage. It was founded by Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton.

The main offering of the program is an introductory package that includes the following: a 2 -hour The Officeless Agency quick-start class with another hour of bonus training titled Recession Killer, Exploding Niches research report, $94,000 per month client funnel, and a free jet set travel secrets guide. According to their site, the said package typically retails at $497 but is discounted now at $9.94.

They also offer a First Client in 14 days challenge upfront which is a 14-day course of detailed step-by-step instruction from Abdul and Chance. This is optional but the sales page is aggressively marketing it with walls of text saying that you do not want to miss this limited time offer and the multiple big buttons of “Upgrade my order now, give me access to the challenge” to purchase it at $197. Still, both the offers are relatively affordable than other lead generation courses.

Despite its low cost, purchasing anything from the Officeless Agency is still not worth it for several reasons. First is the poor quality of the training videos. A lot has complained on the $9.94 package that it is just 10 minutes worth of information on a 3-hour training video. Based on the reviews, such information is deemed very basic and something that you can learn for free online.

Officeless Agency Review

To add, there are also reports of unauthorized charges within the program. Aside from the upfront “upgrade” offer that most people do not want, there are also people hit with a sneaky $36 charge for a “secrets” course. This is ticked by default on the sales cart when buying the $9.94 offer to deliberately trick people into buying it unknowingly.

There are also cases of a misclick causing an automatic $97 charge. One review regarding this said “I did not even know that I pressed a button for the $97. I was still reading about it and has not decide on it. I need that $97 back.” This is a very shady business practice.

Another reason to skip this program is the upsells. For you to utilize the knowledge from the course, you need to purchase a ClickFunnels subscription of $97 a month. You will also need a keyword research tool for $17-$34 a month, an email autoresponder at $15 up a month, and at least $100 per year for hosting and domain. There are also cases of upselling Abdul and Chance’s other course, the Modern Millionaires.

Ultimately, setting up a digital marketing agency is not as easy as Officeless Agency claims. Finding a client that will trust you to run a marketing campaign for them is already not easy enough,  the “delivering the service right” part as a beginner is much harder. Getting good at digital marketing is very difficult and it might take you years to get to the point that you can reliably maintain clients. It is also hard to scale the said business alone, you will need to hire more staff which is costly and makes the supposedly side hustle gig very complicated.

In conclusion, I do not recommend Officeless Agency at all. The cost of their offer might be low, but it is still not worth it with all the complaints on the quality of their training, the hidden upsells, and the unauthorized charges. If you are a beginner who just want a side hustle that does not take too much effort to master, the business model that this program suggests is also definitely not for you.

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