Ecom Empires Review (Nick Peroni’s One Product Profits)

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Nick Peroni is one of those gurus who, compared to them, is quite humble. Many of them always show off their stuff like flexing those expensive cars, living in huge, luxurious houses, traveling to different locations, etc. They do it because they’re selling to people a dream lifestyle in order to recruit students. nick Peroni, however, doesn’t do that. He’s straight-up, direct-to-the-point, and he focuses on his offer. His offer states that he can teach you how to create simple, one-product stores that make you a thousand dollars a day, without hard costs or complicated tech, and it can be done in just a few weeks.

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If you do decide to click on his YouTube ad and enter your details (full name and email), you’ll then be able to watch his video presentation. It starts with Nick showing off a Shopify store that he just founded, and he shows you how he’s able to take it from earning virtually zero, to around $47,000 per week. And that’s just in its first week alone. He then further shows how he’s able to scale his score so that it earns over seven figures. And he did all that just by selling a single product. Nick states that his dropshipping training is not only current and proven to work, but is also very simple. And this, he believes, is what sets it apart from its competitors.

“I’ve arguably been responsible for more dropship success stories than almost anyone else in the world at this point,” Nick says in a humble-bragging way. He also claims that his business strategy allows him to go from serving in the army to leading a group of over 93,000 aspiring dropshippers in his Ecom Empires Facebook group. At this point, the video continues with Nick sharing his rags-to-riches life story, and the success of his students in the program. After a long story that just seems to go on forever, he finally gets to the point.

Nick does this by showing in the video a demo eCommerce site for a hair curler. He points out that, a one-product microbrand is actually more than enough to build more trust, command a higher price, dial in your advertising, and optimize conversions. But how do you find that single outstanding product? Simple. You don’t. You just focus on out marketing the competition for whichever product you choose. This subtle mindset shift is what puts you in full control of your destiny as a dropshipper, he says.

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So how do you drive traffic to your online store and get those sales? You can use paid ads. For this purpose, Nick uses Facebook ads. To save his budget while getting optimal results, Nick sets a set budget for the ads. He starts with as little as $5 a day. The reason for this is that he’s testing the waters first. He proves the audience first. When he has enough data, he gradually scales it. He simply duplicates on winning campaigns, while turning off the losers. Nick also provides some sample ads that he says would perform well on Facebook, and additionally gives an explanation as to why. But he also discusses the complexity of setting up these ads, and how much money are you going to spend on these types of ads.

The rest of the video is just Nick Peroni now pitching his One Product Profits online course. The cost of enrolling is $997, and there’s a 30-day action-based guarantee. Meaning, you’d have to show you went through all the modules and completed each step in order to get your money back. You can also expect some upsells, especially for Nick Peroni’s coaching program (which can easily cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars, we can assume). I think Nick is a great and trustworthy guy. And several of his students seem to have made great success in dropshipping thanks to him. As far as the course itself, it is expensive, but not as expensive as the other dropshipping courses. The coaching program is a different story, however.

But is dropshipping a business model that’s worth it for you? That’s the big question. For me, the potential earnings that you can make from the dropshipping business are actually decent enough. That is, if you can get past the competition. It’s a highly-saturated selling business model right now. And it’s most likely that you’ll be encountering sellers with the same products as you are. While it’s funny to think about, you may even also be sourcing from the same supplier. They’ll also be using the same ideas as you are, which only makes the competition even more intense. Finally, there’s also the amount of capital that you should invest. After all, this is no different than setting up your own retail store or something similar. Only this time, it’s online. I’m not saying it’s impossible to find success in dropshipping, however. But I strongly believe that there’s a better business model out there that has the same (or even better) income potential, yet isn’t as hard to do. Click below to find out about it.

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