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One Hope Wine Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

More often that not, the companies that I have been reviewing have mainly come from the health and wellness industry. There have been a few crypto-related ones out there. Even one that sells kitchen tools. Along the way, there would be some kind of MLM company that has some kind of advocacy tied to it. BeautyCorner‘s founder Gregg Renfrew has been making sure that their products are made with the safest ingredients and made through sustainable means. They also try to lobby for better legislation when it comes to regulating the ingredients that go into beauty products. Noonday Collection, on the other hand, wants to help empower people in different places by giving them opportunities to earn money by handcrafting jewelry. They also help fund families wanting to adopt. Sometimes these advocacies help people who join multi-level marketing companies feel better about being part of it. You will feel like you’re doing something good while also getting the chance to earn money.

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OneHope is among those companies that has some advocacy to it. Founded by six friends in 2007, they started the company out in Napa Valley, a place known for the plethora of different wineries. All six of them were working in some of the largest wine companies in the United States. According to an interview with OneHope co-founder and chief revenue officer Tiffany Wojtkiewicz, the origins of OneHope started because of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I know that kind of framing seems weird. But bear with me on this.

Whenever certain months roll around, you’ll see a lot companies trying to celebrate whatever was being observed then. In June, when people celebrated Pride Month, you would often see a lot more products with rainbow packaging or packaging that reference LGBTQIA+ people. When October rolls around, a lot of companies will put out packaging that may have pink ribbons on it. Often times, a portion of the profits made from those products would often go to causes that help fund breast cancer research. Sales would often skyrocket because of it. When the next month rolls around, the packaging is back to normal. So the founders of OneHope thought what if you could put some of those profits to worth-while causes? And that’s what they did. Since they are based in California, it made sense to source their wine from Napa. Since then, they have expand to actually making wine in their own winery.

A lot of multi-level marketing companies would often use different terms for their affiliate members. Consultants are the most common one used. Ambassadors also get used a lot. There was one that used a stylized version of Hackers. That was for a beauty product company. In the case of OneHope, they call their affiliate members Cause Entrepreneurs. There’s definitely a mystique to that kind of term. Ooh. A Cause Entrepreneur that sells wine. How fancy.

In order to become one of OneHope’s Cause Entrepreneurs, you have to sign up and purchase one of their Join Kits. A Join Kit costs a one-time fee of $39. Aside from that you will also have to pay for membership fee that’s billed either annually or monthly. The annual member fee is $99 while the monthly fee is $12. Aside from that, you can also purchase product kit add-ons. The cheapest kit costs $59 and includes a sampler of four mini-bottles of their best-selling wines. The next kit costs $99 and includes six regular-sized bottles of their best-selling wines and a tote bag. The most expensive kit costs $199 which basically includes the items in the first two kits, a wine bag and a credit for when you host a party.

Like a lot of MLMs, you get compensated once you start selling the product. You earn a commission from selling wines. The more you sell, the higher commission you might earn. It doesn’t seem like you’re require to recruit other people to become CEs in order to earn a commission. Aside from that, you can also help a host throw a wine tasting party. Usually, the CE is in charge of bringing the wine. As for the advocacy side of OneHope, 15% of the profits made from each bottle of wine go to different causes. There are a bunch of milestones posted on their blog regarding those causes. So at least put the money where their mouths are.

Regardless of whether or not an MLM has an advocacy or not, I don’t really recommend anyone to join any kind of multi-level marketing scheme. You actually have a better chance at earning money if you start your own business. At least with that, you operate on your own terms.

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