Optavia Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

When it comes to network or multi-level marketing schemes, you are bound to find one in the health and wellness industry. So many companies flourish in that specific industry, and a lot of them I’ve reviewed over the past weeks. APLGO and QuiAri among many others have done well for themselves by giving people the opportunity to earn money from selling their lines of nutritional supplements and wellness products. While there is an opportunity to earn, not everyone earns the same.

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Optavia first started as Take Shape For Life in 2002. The company is a subsidiary of Medifast, a company that mainly sells meal replacement kits. Optavia is basically the direct selling brand through which Medifast sells their products. The company was created by then Medifast CEO Bradley MacDonald and Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen. In 2017, they rebranded it to Optavia. Recently, Medifast no longer sold their products under the company name. All of the meal replacement kits are now sold through the Optavia brand. Medifast’s current CEO is Dan Chard.

Most of the health and wellness multi-level marketing companies that I have reviewed so far have mostly just been selling nutritional supplements. Optavia is the first one that sold food that you can eat. It is a meal replacement kit so it wasn’t that surprising. But I haven’t really seen that many companies do this kind of thing. Optavia and Medifast have a lot more street cred compared to the other multi-level companies. A lot of the affiliate members—excuse me, “independent coaches—have been featured in talk shows and even magazines in the United States. More often than not, they refer to Optavia as a weight loss program. And that’s technically accurate. Optavia does have a weight loss programs that hinges on a book that Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen wrote in 2008.

The most common Optavia program that people might know is the 5&1 plan. You basically have to eat five of the pre-portioned meal kits that Optavia offers and one meal of your choice. You have to eat one meal every two to three hours. Some of the meals require a microwave to heat up. Others can just be eaten straight up. Most of the meals seem pretty okay. All of the health bars look really delicious.

To become one of Optavia’s “independent coaches,” you have to buy a business kit worth $199. That gives you a one-year access to your own personalized Optavia storefront. It also comes with a bunch of other knick-knacks that make it seem that you mean business. This is pretty standard with a lot of these MLMs. You have to pay to get in. Most of the time they will often nudge you to also buy product bundles so that you have something to offer to your potential customers.

The compensation plan works a lot like the other MLMs. In order to earn commissions, you have to first be qualifed. You have to sell this amount of product within a month. Usually they put values onto certain products so you know which one are the big ticket items. You will also need to recruit at least five people to join the program as independent coaches. The products themselves seem kind of expensive compared to the kind of microwaveable meals and health bars you can buy at a local grocery store. I guess the diet programs might work? Or not? Because one of the subsidiaries of Medifast was charged by the United States Federal Trade Agency with falsely advertising the effectives of their weight loss programs. Getting into any kind of weight loss program needs at least some recommendations from an actual nutritionist.

I don’t think that it’s worth it to join Optavia. I’m aware that I’ve said this a lot times but there is a risk involved with joining any kind of multi-marketing scheme. I’ve mentioned it at the top that even though there is an opportunity to earn money from MLMs, not every gets that kind of privilege. 47% of the people who join MLMs lose money from it. That’s almost half. It’s hard to imagine that many people not being able to live a good life because they’ve put so much money into these schemes hoping to earn money.

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