Optimyze Digital Review (Done-For-You Ecomm)

Done-For-You Ecomm

Optimyze Digital presents itself as a premier digital marketing agency that specializes in eCommerce. In an ad with its co-founders Justin Jeffers and Asante Monadjemi, they showed a sneak peek on how the company fulfills its eCommerce offer. The highlight here is their multi-million eCommerce facility in Los Angeles, California. Essentially, what they offer is a complete eCommerce package and not only limited to marketing and website development. Scroll below to know more.

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I mean, I don’t think I’m the only one confused with what Optimyze Digital really offers. Their name alone screams “we ONLY build websites and ad campaigns, but we do it well, at least.” Browsing through their site and I also don’t see any indication right away that they’re offering a complete eCommerce package. Apparently, they’ll do everything for your store, all the bits and bobs, from start to finish. It’s their so-called eCommerce automation.

Now the confusion has been cleared, let’s talk about the important details to know about this company and their eCommerce offer. The breakdown of how they view their projects is divided into three phases. 

The first phase is called the Analyze phase. Here, they’ll ask about your business needs, goals, and expectations.

Next is the second phase called Optimize (with the right spelling unlike the company). From the info gathered in the first phase, they’ll make sure to align their process and strategies to meet it. They’ll also consider your budget, so they can offer a matching pricing package that both of you can agree with.

Lastly, the third phase is called the Amplify phase. This is where you’ll see the company’s digital marketing solutions  in action. As written on their site, they will “craft and refine your targeted campaign until we exceed your expectations.” They’re establishing your store’s “omnipresence,” so you can reach out to your potential customers and build a recognizable brand.

Their eCommerce offer includes setting up a fully-managed store in Amazon FBA, Amazon dropshipping, or Walmart. They can also create a private label store outside of the mentioned eCommerce giants. It all depends on your choice and budget.

However, there’s nothing explicitly written on their site about the pricing. No sign leading to scheduling a typical breakthrough call and/or strategy session too. What’s included is a vague contact form where you’ll provide your name, number, email address, and message. At least they’re not pushing a call riddled with sales talk right away, I guess? Still, I don’t like how they keep the pricing on the hush. Like c’mon, we know it’s going to be pricey. Just spill the tea and be done with it.

Fortunately, my due diligence brought me to finding some juicy deets about the cash involved here. Specifically, I’ve found out that Optimyze Digital offers a pricing package in terms of different tiers. They charge $10,000 for the entry level tier, $30,000 for the mid level one, and up to $100,000 for the most premium tier. Pricey, but expected for setting up a DFY business.

Optimyze Digital Review

So, what’s my verdict on Optimyze Digital? Personally, I’ll skip their eCommerce offer. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they’re a scam at all. I just won’t advise anyone to put lots of money on something that’s so secretive about its services.

And no, I’m not only talking about the pricing. Like, where’s the breakdown, or a summary, at least, of the processes they’ll do to make your store a fully-managed one? I’ve reviewed countless of DFY providers before, and a lot of them make sure they’re transparent with what they offer, plus full details on profit sharing too if applicable, on their site. The mysterious vibes won’t sit well here. Not in a biz that can cost you $100k. Reviews of them being unresponsive is quite concerning too.

There’s no highlight of verified success from any of their clients, either. It shouldn’t be the case at all for a two year old company. All I see is a lot of chatter in their Facebook page asking for details from people who left reviews. DM me this, DM me that. In reality, it should be Optimyze Digital providing the said receipts. Also, the reviews are more on the company’s affiliate marketing funnel rather than their DFY eCommerce offer.

To conclude, I don’t recommend Optimyze Digital and their DFY offer. My primary reason for saying this is them doing the opposite of being transparent. I’m also not inclined to advise starting a biz on FBA and dropshipping.

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