1-Hour Options Trading Day Review

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Scott Bauer, founder and CEO of Prosper Trading Academy, has this to say in his latest ad, “What if you could have been up over three thousand percent since 2018? And, what if all it took was trading for under an hour a day? Sounds pretty crazy, right? But I’ve been in the trading game for over thirty years as a floor trader at the CBOE (Chicago Board of Options Exchange) and the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange). I traded against Warren Buffett himself and was the first market maker to trade Amazon options.”

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Scott then further shows off his achievements, especially on the part where he’s been frequently featured on various business-related news outlets like CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and more. He then introduces his colleague in the business, a guy named Mike Shorr. And like Scott himself, he, too, is a so-called “legendary” options trader. Mike’s achievements, he says, include closing up to four thousand percent worth of option trades since 2018. Basically, if back then, you followed Mike’s trades and invested a total of $10,000 in it, you’ll have a return of more than three hundred and eighty thousand dollars in your trading account.

Continuing with his statement, Scott claims that it’s really possible to make big bucks from day trading. Because several people are already doing it. The only problem, however, is that in order to do that, you have to carefully monitor the stock market constantly for any movement. And without a good trading strategy, you’ll end up being glued to your computer screens for almost a whole day. But Scott claims that he knows a certain “cheat code” in options trading. And by using it, you can become a successful trader in as little as one hour a day. Despite the short amount of time needed for trading, with this “cheat code”, even someone like you can earn a sizeable amount of profits from your trades. They also call it a “little-known secret strategy” that’s known only to them.

Scott’s colleague, Mike, then takes over from this point. “I’m super excited to share with everyone what I call my 1-Hour Options Trading Day system. I’m sick of seeing people lose all their hard-earned money and that’s why I wanna get this secret strategy out to as many folks as possible. I’ve made a positive return forty-five outta the last forty-seven months. And that was even during the market pullback we had with Covid-19. My monthly win rate on my live trading signals is over ninety-five percent. And you too can have the opportunity to learn how to profit the exact same way.”

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Mike then continues with his statement, “Because let me tell you. I’ve been a trader for longer than I can remember and I’ve never seen a technique of this caliber. It can help you find trades like Walmart, up twenty-five percent in fifty-nine minutes. And JP Morgan, up twenty-seven percent in fifteen minutes. Or even QQQ, up thirty-nine percent in just five minutes. It can literally work whether the market’s going up, down, or sideways. And having worked with tons of students over the years, they’re always worried about how much time it’s going to take.”

Then at this point, they give out even more benefits of their 1-Hour Options Trading Day training program. As stated before, all it takes for them is just one hour of trading time, and you can already find high-profit potential options trades, compared to when you’re doing it yourself (which could take you a whole day). And they claim that you don’t even need to be a stock trading expert in order to understand how the system works. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, they claim that it’s going to work for you. Though you may need to know the basics of stock trading for this, I’m sure. But they also say that, even with just a few bucks on your trading account, you can turn it into a hundred bucks or even thousands of it with this system.

And the price? The 1-Hour Options Trading Day will only cost you $8 to join. Yes. It’s cheap. But I’m pretty sure that an overhyped training program like this would offer you several, more expensive upsells once you’re inside the program. Most likely in relation to Scott Bauer’s bread-and-butter, the Prosper Trading Academy. Personally, I think they’re blowing too much hot gas. There’s a “get rich quick” kind of vibe on their sales pitch. For me, I won’t trust their words too much.

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