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Crypto Income Accelerator Review (Jeff Sekinger)

Jeff Sekinger

Jeff Sekinger once asked on the bird app (Twitter) whether anyone desires to mine without the headache. He’s not talking ‘bout the mining they did way back with the California gold rush, but it also brought lotta people who are seeking fortune. Just like the old times, innit? If I wasn’t obvious, the opportunity Jeff is raving about is crypto mining. A hassle-free one, he implies, if you do it with his Crypto Income Accelerator. Let’s check it out, shall we?

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In case you didn’t know, I’ve already reviewed Jeff before. But instead of reviewing his recent obsession with crypto first, I chose to focus on what he’s known best, which is being the 0 percent dude. Not gonna lie, that program of his is legit, albeit pricey. Not that he is price gouging or anything, but make sure you really need it before purchasing. Y’know, a little bit of penny-pinching can go a long way.

In that same review, I’ve mentioned my dislike with him being a crypto bro. Not the worst NFT-shilling type, but still a crypto bro nonetheless. And just a few days ago, he even plugged in more miners to mine crypto out. Driving the prices of GPUs while hurting the environment with an ungodly amount of energy consumption? Oh, hell nah.

But before I go full apesh*t on crypto in general, let’s go specific with his Crypto Income Accelerator first. The very first thing I noticed is its promise of passive income without adding more work on your part. The usual “not trading time for money” right off the bat, I see. Not surprised at all because he had a very cliche story himself, him apparently on his way of becoming a pro footballer until a career-ending injury.

“This passive income is your key to financial freedom,” Jeff mentions. He explains this bit further by saying that the said freedom is achieved when your passive income exceeds your expenses. And with his Crypto Income Accelerator churning out six figures for him yearly, he’s implying that an average person would easily be financially independent with it.

Oh, and by the way, he’s more keen on repeating the term “blockchain technology” throughout his pitch of the program. If you’re out of the loop, don’t be fooled by the techy term. He tried to describe it, sure, but he did it in a confusing way IMO. Could be a deliberate attempt to make it look more enticing than it actually is. Doesn’t work on me, sorry.

Basically, it’s just the network that made decentralized crypto transactions possible. Like, instead of fiat money going through banks, it’s your volatile token going through the blockchain. Combined with another term he mentioned, cryptography, he’s trying to make it look like it’s a secure way to transfer monetary value while not dealing with the fees and corruption of a typical money exchange.

And me going (slightly) apesh*t on crypto is back. First of all, he’s talking about less ridiculous fees when there’s the pricey gas fee in Eth. Just no, bro. To add, crypto and security in the same sentence is not a great pair. Me being updated with the crypto news and all (don’t ask me why), I know a lot of instances where crypto is proved to be NOT secured at all.

Crypto Income Accelerator Review

Look up the $600m Ronin Network hack or the more recent Solana blockchain exploit this month. That’s just to name a few large-scale hacks, you could also be a victim by a smaller yet still financially draining targeted hack. One way to kiss your money goodbye here, not to mention all the rugpull, all the pump-and-dump, and all the ponzi-in-disguise out in the wild.

The rest of his pitch is more on hyping up crypto to death and less of talking ‘bout his Crypto Income Accelerator. All that meatriding just for him to offer a program to set up your very own mining and staking operation via their so-called validator nodes. In other words, they’re gonna let you rent out  or buy their mining rig at a price just like a real estate property. Either you’ll deal with the good ‘ol Bitcoin or a token related to his Orca crypto hedge fund.

Obviously, I’m not going to recommend you to mine crypto just like him. But in any case I can’t change your mind, I’ll note that you can easily do such without buying Jeff’s Crypto Income Accelerator that cost around $3,000. Don’t mind him saying that his mining facility has all the cooling fans and security looking at it 24/7, that sh*t is just unnecessary. Get your own rig, or better yet, get yourself a better business model and don’t f*ck with anything crypto, period!

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