Joshua T Osborne Review

Joshua T Osborne

Joshua T Osborne claims to provide the best online marketing training.  He had 10 years of experience under his belt on building his own digital empire and helping others build their dream business as well. In the homepage of his Bad Ass Marketers program, it is indicated that his program is guaranteed to get you making money online. Read further to learn more about Joshua.

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Joshua T Osborne is an online guru that created Bad Ass Marketers, a program that discusses topics on lead generation. His main method is renting websites to small business owner to make money.

Similar to financial gurus I have reviewed before, Joshua had a challenging life first before being a successful internet marketer. He believed that all the harsh experiences he had before shaped him to who he is today. He had trouble “fitting in” and sticking on doing what he is told but such dilemma had led him to everything he wanted. After all, why stick to the norm of 9-5 grind when there is an option to live your life on your own terms?

According to him, the reason he created Bad Ass Marketers and wrote his book is to help others realize their full potential and be successful like him. He wants to demonstrate that the most important thing in creating a successful business is putting in work. This is why he chose SEO Marketing; it is indeed the embodiment of putting time and effort to achieve good results. “The power is already inside of us to change the world with our passion and creativity… The world is waiting for more people to become leaders and I am ready to show you the guaranteed path to becoming a great leader in the business community,” he continued.

He had ways with words, that is for sure. However, you must be wary of him for several reasons. First is the way he presents his course. It was mentioned earlier that he believes in hard work being the most important thing in a successful business. However, the links to his promotional videos includes claims such as “how to make $41,415 every single month…practically on autopilot.” That is the opposite of hard work especially when he said that SEO marketing requires time and effort and far from being an automated business.

Joshua T Osborne Review

He also had questionable sales tactic on his Bad Ass Marketers. First is not being transparent with the program’s price. In fact, they do this purposely because of how expensive the course is. Not only that the price is too expensive, but they also offer a scholarship that is not a merit of your excellence but an automatic counteroffer of his sales agents when you disagree on the initial price that is marked higher. Basically, it is not a onetime opportunity and only a false markdown of price. It is also shady that Joshua strongly discourages refund and say it in a disappointing manner. “NOPE! What we give are ASSETS and once you get access to them, we can’t take them back. Sorry, but think of it like a cake, once you eat, there isn’t any way you can return it.” The program does offer refund but only for purchases within 48 hours. How can you properly assess if the course is suited for you when you only have a little time to explore its contents? It is like not having refunds at all.

It is also important to note that Joshua encourages the use of Private Blog Network (PBN), an illegal black hat technique in SEO. Sure, it could fast track your rankings but once you are caught, all your hard work and effort to do well in search engine results page will be wasted. A good mentor should not teach their students these deceptive tactics especially a tactic like PBN that has significant negative impact when caught red-handed on using it.

To be fair, his program offers knowledge on a lucrative business model in lead generation. There is a lot of training materials to be studied once you sign up for the program and it is quite comprehensive with over 250+ videos. The reviews of his program on Trustpilot are overwhelmingly positive as well. However, I am still not inclined to recommend him completely due to the undeniable shady practices in his program.

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