Online Team Builders Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Email marketing has done good results for companies that already have them on the get go. It is better than having one-on-one appointments with your customers because believe it or not,  in the world we are living in today, technology has been aiding us the entire time to the betterment of our businesses. And these tools are not cheap to begin with, but guaranteed will deliver well in the long run.

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Online Team Builders was launched in 2013 by Nancy Rote. It is a website platform (and now has an application available on both android and iOS) that functions as a digital marketing tool. They claimed that they offer comprehensive web solutions for building your business. They have what it takes because their system offers effective email marketing and prospective tools, and lead management and generation. 

If you’re planning to start your business, then this kind of system might help you keep track of it. It has prospective tools that can track your lead’s open/click-through rate, as well as unsubscribes. Email marketing tools that automatically send and respond to new leads/prospects. A landing page builder that saves a database of all your prospect’s/visitor’s credentials such as name and email. And all these are also incorporated in their mobile app so you can track it wherever you are in the convenience of your mobile phone.

But as I dug deeper through the company, I saw that they were affiliated with the health and wellness company, Essante Organics. It was Online Team Builders who were recruiting salespeople for Essante Organics to sell their products to the public. OTB’s system is what they will use to manage these businesses. Basically, OTB offers business opportunities to people who want to earn money by recruiting them as salespeople for Essante.

To participate in the Online Team Builders program, it will cost you $30 which is not that expensive. This is the same as joining Essante Organics on that matter. What a coincidence? I think not. Because of signing on to OTB, you will now be part of Essante Organics as one of their salespeople. This will allow you to promote and sell Essante’s products to earn money. And will also earn commissions based on Essante’s compensation plan.

OTB’s system is clearly built for Essante Organics. If you’re trying to promote something else using this system, it clearly won’t work. But if you’re already with Essante, then this tool can help you, basically. But it will still depend on your marketing plan whether you will become successful or not. It all depends on how you experiment and make your way through by using marketing tactics and finding what will work best in a given scenario. 

There are also no testimonials on the OTB’s website which will make you second guess such a company. Why would you be willing to sign up for a $30 tool if it’s not proven and tested to be working and helping people. And you also need a referral link from an existing OTB personnel, but what if you don’t know any? You’ll just hit up a random person just for their referral link? They would be glad to, but that’s just next level weirdness out there.

I’ve read that some people have been contacted by agents of OTB and therefore scheduled for an interview, even if it’s already 9-10 in the evening. How crazy was that? I then discovered that it is not actually an interview, but a pre-recorded webinar where they want to buy products (probably by Essante) and then they explain how you will earn money by doing so. Many had backed out when they knew it was an MLM company. No surprises there.

Not only having bad online reviews, but also lack of transparency may be a red flag in joining such companies. They also have a bad reputation in terms of recruiting practices that’s why most of the time, their emails are considered as spam by most people. The vagueness in the content of their emails make people not want to get involved in such schemes.

Online Team Builder is not a scam. It is legit tool that is acting as a middleman for the MLM company Essante Organics to find and recruit salespeople for their products and they will be paid commissions based on referrals. 99% of all MLM participants lose money according to the FTC because it’s either you can’t sell their expensive products or you can’t convince and recruit people to joining such companies.

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