REI Outreach Review (Ryan DiGregorio)

Ryan DiGregorio

REI Outreach is a program I mistook for REI, the outdoor gear store, in Glassdoor reviews. No kidding, I’m confused for a hot sec on why it has thousands of reviews on the said platform when I can’t easily find some info on its CEO Ryan DiGregorio. Turns out, it’s just a blunder on my part. Whatever, at least I’m doing what I do best as a reviewer. What lacks in info, I add. My review about Ryan and his program starts below.

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To know something about Ryan’s program, you gotta know what he means with REI first (yes, it’s an abbreviation). Not hard to guess, to me and my biz-critiquing ass at least, since it only stands for real estate investors. So, in one way or the other, he’s helping, or at least selling something, to peeps who have some business in the real estate industry.

So, that’s the REI part solved and decoded. What about the outreach? We’re talking about a paid program on real estate here, so a community service out of good will is out of the question. Connecting the dots, and I mean relating the said word to REI, then it’ll become somehow obvious that it’s about reaching out to clients— from prospecting, calendar booking,and to closing the deal . And it actually is, it’s all about client acquisition.

Specifically, REI Outreach is a program about automating your outreach via the help of VAs. The goal here is to scale your business without adding more workload to you. So, you know, you can do whatever you do best, which is apparently not talking to potential clients as Ryan assumes. Not a bad assumption given the said task is a draining one especially if your effort to build rapport leads to nothing. You can train for such, but that means spending time off the more important task.

If you’re a good fit (probably about having a lotta money and being willing to give ‘em that, pfft), they’ll ensure to go over all the next steps I’ll list here. First, they’ll set you up with the right systems, marketing, and outreach. Next, they’ll find exceptional VAs for your biz that are the cream of the crop and train them on prospecting, appointment setting, and other revenue generating tasks. Lastly, they’ll provide ongoing support for you and your VA, with automation tools and performance trackers.

The first and last steps are self-explanatory as in they’re taking out the hassle of choosing from the hundreds of CRM and marketing tools from you. Instead of you setting it all up, it’ll be them. The second bit is the one that needs more explaining. Like, who’ll you be getting as VAs? Are they even fluent in English?

Fortunately, Ryan predicted the curiosity about the VAs and explained how we should not worry. Yes, they’re fluent in English and they’re also good at everything else that’s required for a competent VA. As they should after passing the five-step hiring process where they’re screened for their fluency in English, internet connection, competency, background check, and reliability.

REI Outreach Review

To be honest, mentioning the need to screen for internet connection is a dead giveaway of where Ryan will be getting ‘em VAs. Only third-world countries are notorious for turtle slow internet speeds. The VAs are from such, Philippines to be exact. And I got no problems with that except for him, Ryan, being loud and proud of paying piss poor wages. With the way he talks about the Filipino VAs being okay with it, he’ll probably try to haggle for much lower pay, lower than $4 an hour, if he can.

That’s my main problem with him and his REI Outreach program that might cost around north of $7,500. He can get away with it, sure, but extremely underpaying those you call as experienced and top 1% VAs doesn’t sit well with me. Talking about promoting healthy and long-term relationships with ‘em when you pay lower than the minimum hourly rate in the US and, to add, putting ‘em up with all the micromanaging BS. Keeping what you call as top-tier talents doesn’t include taking advantage of them, period.

For the reason above, I’m not recommending REI Outreach. To be clear, it’s not only about the ethical dilemma on wages (and on Ryan celebrating the death of a rooster he just gunned down???), it’s also about the program being expensive and being more apt for peeps with an already established real estate biz. And yeah, don’t be misled by the dude saying that his program is for everyone, even for beginners to real estate alike. I say no since I also don’t think outsourcing is a wise choice financial-wise for any biz that just got started.

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