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Overachiever Media Review (Abraham Kallon)

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Abraham Kallon claims that he can help you grow and scale your business in a more predictable manner. All it needs is a single missing ingredient to your current marketing strategy, and you’re on your way to increasing your return on investment up to 3,500%, in a more consistent manner. Well, that’s what he’s saying when he’s pitching his Overachiever Media training program, and if you find the pitch hard to believe, it’s natural since he’s talking about big gains. But let’s take a closer look at his program and see if there’s some substance to his claims.

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“This is no hype. It’s no over-exaggeration. Anyone can apply this to start generating instant results,” Abe says in the so-called “live webinar” that you’re going to enter before you can inquire about the course itself. “We call it the Magic Fortune Box. And with this strategy, you never have to worry about losing money on ads. Think about putting $1 in, getting $36 back. That’s basically how it works. And it works every single time. So it’s the great equalizer.

“It’s how the little guy can compete with the big boys who have endless marketing dollars. But this is only for people who are already running ads to a proven offer, right? You’ve already got something going. Product or service, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s proven,” says Abe as the webinar continues. He will then talk about the three types of web traffic that you need to know and understand. The first type is the traffic you rent (AKA paid traffic). Facebook and Google ads, for example. The second type is the traffic you influence. A good example of this type is your Instagram following, but this can also apply to Tiktok marketing. Finally, there’s traffic you own. The traffic you have full control over. Your email list is the key to this.

But of course, simply having constant web traffic going into your affiliate links isn’t enough to make you money. What’s the use of people visiting your website if no one’s buying your product? Especially since you’re earning commissions only when you make a sale. Therefore, part of Abe’s training is to teach you how you can convert those traffic into actual sales. Of course, the more conversions you can manage, the better. It may sound easy, but surprisingly, a lot of marketers still fail to achieve steady conversions. Why?

Abraham Kallon 1

Abe states that there are a few reasons for that conversion failure by most marketers. First is instant gratification. Expecting immediate front-end profits. That’s a big no-no. Rather, you should be patient and put more emphasis on the back-end. Second is the 3% Rule, which says only the ones who are actually ready to buy your products only amount to 3% of your market. Problem is, you and everyone else are fighting for that same 3%. So the one who win will only be the ones who invested in their campaign well (AKA one with the most paid ads). Create your own opportunity instead. Third, your message delivery sucks. There’s no appeal to them at all. Fourth, no concrete marketing plan. Again, another big no-no.

At this point, Abraham Kallon finally reveals his strategy on how he’s able to generate good traffic and high conversions in affiliate marketing. His strategy? Simple. It’s email marketing. Like the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movie series says, email marketing is “old, but not obsolete.” This means that, contrary to popular belief of email marketing being “dead” and useless when it comes to social media and influencer marketing, email marketing is still effective and useful. In fact, according to Statista, the number of email users worldwide is 4.3 billion. There are plenty of opportunities there. It’s so effective at getting conversions, that, according to Abe, a dollar you spent on email marketing may get you an average ROI of around $36.

If your emails are relevant and helpful, they’ll get opened. And since your strongest competitors are firing off emails left and right, you’re gonna get left behind if you don’t join them, says Abe. The cost for the Overachiever Media online isn’t revealed on sight, and it’s only told to you when you book a call with them. It could be averaging thousands of dollars, though. Abraham seems like a legitimate and trustworthy guy. After all, why would we doubt someone who has worked with big names like Robert Kiyosaki, ex-NFL player John Madsen, Scott Haug, and other top info marketers. But you may want to start studying email marketing via free resources first.

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