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Overnight Millionaire Review (Wesley Virgin)

Wesley Virgin

Wesley shares his secrets to becoming a millionaire on his program Overnight Millionaire. He states that the guide within his program is the new bible for success and can provide a stream of revenue without spending a single dime. “It can work for virtually anyone… you don’t need to be a genius to make this system work in your favor,” Wesley assures. Is there any truth behind these absurd and too good to be true claims? Find the answer by reading this Overnight Millionaire Review.

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The Overnight Millionaire system is an educational program that trains your mindset  through mind hacks and manifestation of success.  It was founded by Wesley Virgin who claims to be an ordinary black person who had troubles in work and money until a soldier shared a confidential script that changed his mindset completely. “This is already used by the richest and most powerful people,” Wesley claims as he explains that this script  in the form of simple calibrated audios can also transform your lives like how it transforms his. The script along with other training materials are actually the products of the program.

Specifically, their flagship offering includes the main mind hack – the so-called scripts that made him a millionaire. These are 5 sets of audio files that you need to play and  listen to for 60 days. There will also be a module named Millionaire Mind Hacks where Wesley will share tips on how to make you an “overnight millionaire.” The gist is you should first come up with a business idea from which you think you can earn a million dollars, visualize the million dollars in your bank account, and be confident enough that your idea will be successful. Wesley will then advise how you become the high value person required to make those ideas you come up with succeed, how you should listen to people who already had a million in that industry, and how you create multiple streams of income in that specific business idea. He will also share some tips on how to become an expert in sales and marketing. He claims that all of this is valued at $497 but only retails for $27 now.

A $27 course about mindset training is not that bad but unfortunately, the said course is just the front of a sales funnel. Upsells such as Affirmation Cash Course that discuss ways how to think and remain positive, Million Dollar Persuasion that teaches how to be a great salesman by incorporating psychology secrets , Unrevealed Secrets Of Millionaire Mind that is a 10-day course that connects you to other millionaires, and How To Create A Sales Page can cost you up to  $999. These courses will be eventually pushed to you as necessary for the complete Overnight Millionaire experience. The flagship course along with the inclusions that does not include any concrete business model whatsoever (remember, you have to think of your own business idea from scratch) makes the cost of Overnight Millionaire too expensive and not worth the buy.

Overnight Millionaire Review

Aside from the absurd cost, it is better to avoid programs with negative reviews all over the web. Lots are labeling the knowledge taught in the program as unnecessary and something you can learn from free resources online. One reviewer even said that it was the worst purchase of his life and that he was not able to get a refund.

If you are also looking to start a business, it is much better to look at a program that covers topics relevant to a specific business model such as stocks trading, real estate, and dropshipping. If you want advice regarding the business you have in mind, you can also hire experts in that field of business who will give you an honest assessment instead of being told to just “manifest” by Wesley.

There is no sufficient evidence to call Overnight Millionaire a scam. It actually provides mindset training in the form of audio files, video lectures, and motivational talks. Wesley is an actual person too and not just a make-believe internet persona. He had interviews with reputable news sources such as The Associated Press and Forbes. However, it is better to skip this program for a course with a more reasonable price and claims. There is no such thing as a stream of revenue without spending a single dime especially on a program that does not provide any actual business model.

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