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Pace Morby Mentorship Cost (Plus Concerns)

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Pace Morby, the creator of the Subto course, claims that he has been helping people quit their 9-5 jobs to focus on their passion, and still be able to earn a good amount of money, preferably passively. He achieves this by teaching them how they can invest in real estate. He also further emphasizes the importance of a good and proper mindset whenever anyone joins his mentorship program (or any other program).The question now is if Pace Morby’s real estate mentorship is really for everyone. Read on this review to find out for yourself.

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As far as the real estate industry is concerned, Pace Morby is no pushover as well. He has done 7,000 renovations, built 150+ houses, has also 150 wholesale deals, and has amassed over $32 million worth of buy-and-hold investments. Despite his lack of proper credentials, it’s clear that he does know quite a lot about investing in real estate. He’s easily recognized from his trademark peace sign, which comes from the name of his real estate mentorship course. And that is Subto.

As the official website says, Subto is a real estate education program and community that focuses on various creative financing strategies that provide training and mentorship to real estate investors across America. It is named “Subto”, because it’s short for “Subject To”, a method an investor can use to invest in a piece of real estate, without having to apply for a new loan. This can be done by letting you take over the previous owner’s mortgage loan. Basically, the real estate title is transferred to the investor, and in return, the investor agrees to pay the remaining mortgage loan on the previous owner’s behalf. This is also in addition to any additional fees that the previous owner might impose at closing, in case the remaining mortgage loan is fewer than the determined market price of the real estate.

Pace Morby claims that this method gives several advantages to both parties. For the seller, they can avoid a catastrophic hit on their credit score for late payments, as foreclosing properties can have a huge negative impact on your credit. And fixing it can be very difficult and expensive. For the buyer, this will let them invest in real property without the costs and hassle of applying for a new mortgage loan. Another beneficial move considering that applying for a mortgage for a new real property investment can take up a huge amount of not only time, but also money, and even a bit of paperwork.

The Subto program comes in three levels for which you have a choice. The Core version costs $7,800, and contains the main training video course, access to the private Facebook group, and daily Zoom coaching sessions. The Standard version costs around $10,800, and includes everything from the Core program, with some additions. This includes topics that cover flipping real estate, and how to deal with probate. You’ll also be given access to your own virtual assistant for three months, to help you with certain tasks, customer relations management, and transaction coordination for your paperwork. Finally, there’s the Mastermind version, which includes everything from the Standard program, plus gives you access to attend any Subto events and a chance to meet Pace Morby in person.

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As a mentorship program, Pace Morby’s Subto is actually quite good. Based on most of the feedback that’s seen on various comments across the web, you’ll rarely find any negative feedback about Pace Morby himself, and his mentorship program. Most of the comments point to the fact that he’s actually quite a cool and lively guy, yet his teaching method is effective, and very much clear. The only huge setback about this course, is that’s too expensive. Even the lowest level of this course is already more expensive than some of the other real estate online courses presented around.

Furthermore, real estate is a rather tough industry to invest in today, and the current COVID-19 pandemic situation has only made it a bit worse. First of all, real estate prices are still getting higher as time goes on, since it’s always an appreciating investment (which is a good thing, to be honest). This is further complicated by the fact that sales on real estate are visibly going down in the past few months since the pandemic began. Thus, when you plan to invest in real estate for the purpose of flipping them or other services like AirBNB, you’re already considered as lucky if you even got any sale from these services. Especially with all the travel restrictions that are still in place due to the quarantine.

Overall, aside from being too expensive, the reason why I’m not really recommending this training program is, investing in real estate is not as straightforward as you may believe. It will take a great deal of time, effort, money, and talent. You aren’t simply purchasing a home and doing whatever you want with it. Your main objective is to make a sale. That is to say, what you are doing should be appealing to others. And even so, getting a sale in real estate is quite difficult during these times. It’s actually a lot better to build and invest in an online business centered around something like digital real estate instead.

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