Rapid Profit Package Reviews

Rapid Profit Package

Rapid Profit Package is not afraid to promise the world to its prospective buyers. Unlock the secrets to a better life, they say, and make $24,197.84 all from pushing one button. Outrageous and suspiciously specific, and they actually follow it with more bull. And you know what, I’m not surprised that they say cap nonstop. Afterall, the creators hide behind anonymity. For more info about this, I’ll reveal everything I know below.

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As I’ve implied earlier, the BS from Rapid Profit income didn’t stop at the headline that mentions their ridiculous income claim. And they can’t be bothered not to make it look less shady as it is— they make it worse and even more obvious!

I mean, not only did they offer their system as something that “causes actual cash to flood in your bank account”, they also use a hooded, faceless figure as a backdrop to complement the message. Nothing screams shady more than that. Or maybe they want you to think that their system is top secret, classified information stuff. It’s not. It’s literally just dropshipping.

“And if you think this might be too good to be true or if you think it’s just a bunch of hype, you need to listen very carefully to every word I have to say until the end,” says a manly voice narrating their pitch. Uhm, how about no? I mean, I actually listened until the end, but I only did it for the sake of this review. Nein [not a typo] out of ten, won’t recommend.

If it isn’t BS, what they’re saying is just straight-up nonsense. Like, what’s the reason to explain how you need a card and an account to access your money from the bank? C’mon now, we already have ATMs since the 70s! Oh wait, they’re talking about an ATM where you can withdraw five hundred bucks “as many times as you want”. Riiiight….

Even ignoring the unlimited money, cash machine claim, the way they describe ATM transfers as a new tech is just scummy as hell. Why? It means that they’re targeting non-techy individuals who’ll likely believe their bull, our dear elderly. As if our grandparents receiving Amazon refund and computer tech support scam calls isn’t enough. Ugh.

Anyways, a testimonial [starring a paid Fiverr actor, probably] mentions that there’s different packages involved here… That you can “upgrade” the basic one into a higher tier. Holup, I thought we talkin’ about dropshipping here? What’s with ‘em tiers? What in the hybrid MLM BS is going on?!

If you don’t know what I’m referencing above, it’s the infamous “business opportunity” that shares the same ‘ol membership tiers among its different “coaches”. While not exactly fitting the bill of a hybrid MLM [and its tiers listed on a crusty ass photo], Rapid Profit Package seems to be sharing the same pitch, the same income claims as Home Cash Club and Home Cash Sites.

Hell, even their generic websites [different from the sales pitch] have the same format and content. From the “Learn How To Dropship From Home” headline up to the three-step choose your niche-build your store- shipping automation simplification of the business model, it’s all the same. It’s giving me “can I copy your homework?” energy.

Rapid Profit Package Reviews

And yeah, just like the others, Rapid Profit Package doesn’t talk about dropshipping on the other side. Not even once! In reality, it’s just an outdated as f*ck tutorial on how to do affiliate marketing. With how sh*tty it is, I doubt if you’ll even complete the basics. As long as they’re able to make you use their affiliate links and visit an equally sh*tty gambling site, I guess.

As you can see, they’re greedy for money. The price you pay to get Rapid Profit Package at $47 isn’t enough, they’ll demand more by pushing upsells, and getting commissions from recommending products, including phony ones. They’re that shady. Just don’t buy Rapid Profit Package and other similar courses, period.

Oh, and also, while the “coaches” here hide behind pen names like Brian, April, and Ken, I’ve seen a sales page that features a guru y’all are probably familiar with— none other than Entre’s Jeff Lerner. Taking into account the numerous lawsuits this contrepreneur has received before, I would bet that it’s actually him who created the blueprint. ‘Cause if we’re talking about selling fraudulent business education courses, he’s HIM, unfortunately.

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