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Brian Page has all the makings of a highly successful entrepreneur, the likes of what you may have seen on others like Dolmar Cross, Ryan Pineda, etc. Constantly wearing suits, traveling to different places, and riding in expensive cars, it’s something that you’ll see constantly on YouTube videos featuring him. But Brian Page says that he also aims to inspire others to achieve the same level of success as him. And if you follow his business model, it’s possible. But what exactly he is offering? And will this also work for you? Let’s find out as we go along with this review.

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As for Brian Page himself, he is a rather successful business owner and entrepreneur. He has also billed himself as a “Passive Income Pioneer”, which is saying much. His path to success and wealth started in 2001, when he discovered the real estate industry. Since then, he has invested in various types of properties, flipped more than a hundred houses, and even built residential areas and condominiums. And he did it during a time when property flipping was a rare occurrence, so you can say that he’s a pioneer of sorts when it comes to that business model.

Eventually, he founded a commercial real estate funding program called Page Fund. This company allows any accredited investors to invest in multifamily real estate properties even if they only have little money. And in 2014, he started his AirBNB business. He intended to treat his AirBNB business as a side hustle alongside his other real estate investments. But by his own claims, he has also achieved great success in this business model, thanks to his experience in the real estate industry and property management.

His success then inspired him to create an online training program that allows others to invest and succeed in the AirBNB business model, even if they don’t own any property at all. He began to compile all the knowledge that he had learned in the AirBNB business, and then some, into a single program. This results in the creation of the AirBNB Formula. Brian Page later claimed that the reason he created this program was because he noticed that there was no thorough training on investing in the BNB business.

The AirBNB Formula is a training program that presents a strategy on how someone can still build a six-or-seven figure income using AirBNB, even if don’t own or invest in a suitable property. Basically, the idea is you’re going to rent or lease a property of your choice from a landlord. However, you’re not going to settle there.Instead, you’re going to open up that property for a short-term rent basis. Usually, you can achieve this by creating a listing on online services like AirBNB (as the course title says).

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This business model is known as “Rental Arbitrage“, and, contrary to what Brian says, it’s not really a brand new real estate business model. The advantage of this business model is that it can help you earn passive income from all the rents your property can get. And a large amount, too. Furthermore, you don’t even need to take a mortgage loan or anything to get this business started.

The BNB Formula doesn’t just teach you how you can set up your rental arbitrage business and earn a lot of money from it. It also teaches you how you can basically scale and “automate” the business so that you can have a passive income stream in real estate.

As for the course content itself, it consists of 8 modules. Each module is intended to last for a week, for a total of 8 weeks of training. In addition to the modules presented here, you’ll also be given access to several script templates, contracts, and other tools (especially a profit calculator) that you can freely download and use for any purpose related to the AirBNB business model.

The price for joining the BNB Formula program isn’t revealed anywhere. It’s only revealed to you when you book a call with them. But according to some reports, they usually charge around $997 for the program. Though there are some reports that it could go as high as $2,000. There’s even talk of upsells for this program.

As for Brian Page himself, he seems to be a legitimate guy. After all, he has been featured in various online publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine. But I don’t really like the fact that he presents rental arbitrage as easier than it sounds. When in fact, there are too many complications that you have to deal with in this business model. Overall, it may have the potential to earn you a lot of money, but there will be times when you may be operating at a loss.

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