Pampered Chef Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Often times, the network marketing or multi-level marketing companies that I have reviewed have come from the health & wellness and beauty & personal care industries. There have been a few crypto companies here and there. Even a life insurance company. I didn’t even know MLMs operated in the life insurance industry until I reviewed Family First Life. There are probably a lot more industries that have its own set of multi-level marketing companies. I just don’t know it yet. So I was a bit surprised to find out that there was a multi-level company that operates in the cookware and kitchen appliance industry.

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Pampered Chef basically started out to fill a certain need. The company’s founder, Doris Christopher, was a home economics teacher and a stay-at-home mom who recognized the need for tools and techniques that would save you time in the kitchen. That seems like a sensible thing to strive for. Cooking is a very long process. You have to buy the ingredients. You have to take out all the equipment that you need. You have to prepare your ingredients. And then you have to cook it. The entire process of cooking a meal takes hours from preparation to the finished product. Because of the need to time-saving tools and techniques, Doris decided to sell professional quality cooking tools in a way that’s been a staple of some multi-level marketing companies: a party.

Yes, a party. There are a few companies out there like Pampered Chef who sometimes hold events in somebody’s home in order to pitch people on their products. Fashion MLM company Cabi often has its affiliate members host parties in order to let its guest see what this season’s collections look like. With Pampered Chef, it actually makes sense that a multi-level company selling cookware and kitchen tools would be hosting a party. It’s easier to get people interested in your product if you can see them in use. And a kitchen demonstration is an obvious way to show them how good those Pampered Chef products are.

Pampered Chef has a lot of different kitchen items to choose from. They have different cookware like pots and pans. Small kitchen appliances like a blender, a multi-purpose cooker, and a slow cooker. Different kinds of bakeware. And they even have a bunch of pantry staples like sauces, spice blends, and cake mixes. The array of their products is decent enough. If you want to get started becoming a consultant for Pampered Chef, they have different starter kits with prices ranging from $49 to $279. The differences are mainly how many items are in those packs. The $49 kit includes a guide on how to become a consultant plus a kitchen apron, a silicone spatula and a cook book with a choice of two bundles. One includes a cast iron skillet, a pizza crust mix and a brownie mix, a silicon brush and a serving spatula. The other has a rectangular glass serving pan, an avocado tool, a guacamole mix and a Tex-Mex spice blend.

Compared to a lot of the other multi-level marketing companies I have reviewed, the product line that Pampered Chef offers is more usable in people’s every day lives. People usually take their nutritional supplements daily, I guess? But kitchen tools and kitchen appliances are a lot more useful in the long run. You will probably run out of nutritional supplements after you finish an entire bottle for a month. At least with a cast iron skillet, it might last you years.

Despite Pampered Chef having relatively decent products, the structure of MLMs is kind of hard to deal will. For the most part, the compensation plan for most MLMs hinges on you being able to recruit people and reach a certain sales quota every month. You earn commissions when you do that. People who host parties with the help of Pampered Chef’s consultants would often lead them to becoming consultants. When you’re a host, you basically get credit that you can use to buy products from Pampered Chef’s website.

I do think that a lot of the kitchen tools that Pampered Chef offers would often be classified as uni-taskers, which basically are tools that are only good for one thing. And uni-taskers are often the ones clogging up precious space in your cabinets. Pots and pans make sense to have more of. But very small and very sharp objects that can only do one thing? I don’t think so.

I rarely ever recommend anyone to join MLMs because they are often very risky. Even if you have an opportunity to earn money from becoming a member of Pampered Chef, it’s not really guaranteed you’ll actually earn a lot of money on it. Maybe you’ll make your money back. But people who join MLMs rarely make any money out of these schemes.

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