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Funding CEO Academy Reviews

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Leo Kanell believed that being a business funding specialist is one of the more essential and profitable businesses to start today. He notes, “Over the last two years this profession has been deemed more essential than ever. And those of us who belong to it call it recession-proof. Yes, it’s the business funding space.” And as a multi-millionaire business funding specialist, he claims that he can help you start your own, just like he did with hundreds of others. But can this business model also work for you? Read on this Funding CEO review to find out.

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Leo Kanell starts off his pitch with a statement, “This system combined with my business funding marketplace is creating financial independence in the new economy at a rapid pace. Would you like to be a part of it? Maybe create a six figure side hustle? Or just create extra money for your family? Since 2015 I’ve made over $16 million dollars in the business funding profession. My teams and I have been fortunate to secure hundreds of millions in business funding for thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country.”

Leo claims that this business model works for just about everyone who is willing to work hard for it, not just for himself. As a testament, he currently has around 3,000 members who use his funding portal every day to connect borrowers with lenders. And they’re earning a great living doing it. They have successfully leveraged his funding team to earn themselves commission check after commission check. But Leo points out that there are also some members who utterly fail in their business funding venture, but that’s only because these people aren’t even doing their due diligence in this program.

Leo points out these failures, “They literally log into the training once and then they email my team and I get a question or two that’s answered in the very first training video because they think success is a one-time event. Instead of a process. If you wanna create an extraordinary life, shouldn’t extraordinary effort be required? You have to make a real commitment, create real change in your life. Not only must you work hard, but you need to live by values and principles by doing what you say you’ll do. That’s how you break into the top ten percent of businesses.”

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And if you passed the mindset that this training requires, Leo will then introduce you to his online course. Basically, his core education system. It’s called The Funding Partner Accelerator course. It consists of six modules that will take you through a step-by-step process on how to build your own business funding career. You’ll also get a downloadable marketing funnel template, done-for-you funding and closing, passive income from two-tier overrides, case studies, and plenty of bonuses. Aside from being a hard worker, the training course has no requirements at all. Anyone, from beginners with no business knowledge to advanced students, are eligible to join his program.

As for the cost of the program? Funding Partner Accelerator is normally $197, but if you beat the 10-minute countdown timer located on the website, you can buy it for $37. It may sound quite cheap compared to the other training courses, but of course, expect that you’ll be offered plenty of expensive upsells once you’re enrolled in the course. I’m expecting that you may be offered an upsell for the privilege of one-on-one coaching calls from Leo Kanell himself or from other coaches, exclusive access to an “inner circle” of sorts, or even others.

So is this business model worth it? It could be for others, but personally, I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. The big problem here is how can you be sure if the clients you connected to various lenders are eligible for their needed loans? Sure, some of them may get it, but how much is the rate of success for these approvals? What if the majority of them don’t get approval? It could mean less profit for you. Overall, Leo Kanell may seem like a trustworthy guy, but I don’t like that he makes it sound so easy when in fact, you may have to deal with things like saturation and whatnot. At least he’s honest on a few things…

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